Well, it feels like only yesterday that I was doing my weekly NFL London team game reviews and saying how much the Cardinals run game stunk (oh, that’s right, it was yesterday and I didn’t actually use the word “stunk”, but that’s what I was thinking).

Well, they’ve gone and done something about it – they’ve only gone and bloody traded for Adrian Peterson from the New Orleans Saints! “Big deal”, I hear you say.

Is it a big deal or is his career at an end? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Personally, I have no idea who this Adrian Peterson is since his right knee injury of 2016. During his very short tenure at the Saints, he wasn’t really used and I’m not surprised. It baffled me as to why they took him in the first place when Mark Ingram is the clear starter there and Alvin Kamara is a very good rookie. All they needed to add was a player who was willing to be a backup and they were set. Adrian Peterson refuses to believe that his career is over or is very near to being so and as a result, there was no way he was willing to be the third choice back.

As a result of this mindset, there was the infamous sideline “death-stare” incident between Adrian Peterson and head coach Sean Payton.

Adrian Peterson and Sean Payton stare

It would appear that the Saints just wanted him out of New Orleans and were happy to take a conditional 6th round draft pick in the 2018 NFL draft from the Cardinals and will likely go with a second rookie in their backfield as Trey Edmunds steps up to fill the roster spot vacated by Peterson. Edmunds was an undrafted free agent and has contributed on special teams this season.

The New Orleans Saints are glad to have got rid of AP but what about the Arizona Cardinals? Well, let’s be honest, they’ve got absolutely nothing to lose as their running game has been none existent due to the injury to David Johnson and a 6th round pick in exchange for Peterson is, potentially, nothing.

The Arizona Cardinals have only managed to gain 259-yards on the ground so far this season and have all but abandoned trying to run the ball. To me, this move makes perfect sense for the Cardinals. Yes, it might not work out but they are in desperate need of something to re-light the fire and get Carson Palmer some help.

No one can definitively say yet whether this is a good move or not as no one has had a chance to have a real good look at Peterson come game time. It’s all going to depend on how he holds up physically as mentally I think he’ll enjoy being the number one guy again.

With this trade, I believe we have seen the end of another once great player’s career. To make room for Adrian Peterson on the Arizona Cardinals roster they decided to cut former combine 40-yard dash record holder, Chris Johnson. This was the best move the Cardinals could have made as he hasn’t been at all good this season. He’s run the ball 45 times for 114-yards only. This equates to a poor 2.5-yard average which is the worst average of his career and it’s been going down every season he’s been with the team – a clear sign that he doesn’t have it anymore. He’s contributed only slightly in the passing game as well with 5 receptions from 6 targets for 43 yards. This isn’t enough to keep the job anyway but when they have Andre Ellington doing ok as a receiving back, it was obvious who was for the chop.

So, will this move work? It certainly has for the Saints and only time will tell for the Cardinals. But, like I say, they have absolutely nothing to lose.

Adrian Peterson traded to Arizona Cardinals

I saw the above image on Twitter this morning after the news of the trade had been announced. It made me laugh but it also kinda sums up that everyone is happy with the move.