People are still debating what the Cleveland Browns should do this off-season to turn their crappy fortunes around so that they can actually win some goddamn games for a change.

One of the biggest suggestions was to give Kirk Cousins a blank cheque to come and play for the Browns once he hits the free agency market. Unfortunately, it looks like he’s going to either the Minnesota Vikings or the New York Jets and won’t be seen in a Cleveland Browns uniform.

This is a shame for me as I wanted him as our QB because he has been, on the quiet, one of the better QB’s in the league for a couple of seasons and he’d have brought stability to the position for the first time in many many years for the Browns.

I can understand his thinking as the Vikings offer him the best chance of getting a Super Bowl ring and the Jets are a struggling franchise but are further along the process of turning things around than the Browns and he could make a name for himself there as a saviour far sooner than he could in Cleveland.

So, we have to move on and look at other QB’s on the market that might want to come to Cleveland and play for a franchise known as the place where QB’s careers go to die.

AJ McCarron is the QB who the Browns coaches (it would appear) tried to trade for at the last second before the trade window shut during the 2017 season but failed due to a reported paperwork issue. I still maintain it was a last-ditch effort by a bunch of coaches to save their jobs but they needed a front office signature to get it through. If this is the case, I’m glad the FO said no as the trade would have seen a reported 2nd and 3rd round picks going to Cincy in return — absolutely insane!!

AJ McCarron has recently won a court case that now sees him as an unrestricted free agent instead of a restricted free agent meaning whoever goes after him won’t have to give the Bengals anything in compensation. The Browns could have gone from giving up two very high picks for him for half a season’s work to getting him for free.

Is AJ McCarron + Rookie a Good Idea?

A quick think about this says that, yes, this is the perfect scenario for the Browns to pursue as McCarron starts for this and possibly next season whilst the rookie (whoever he may be) matures into the NFL before taking over from McCarron eventually. Perfect, right?

Hmm, I’m not so sure. AJ McCarron is an unknown factor as he hasn’t played that much during his NFL career and so no one really knows if he’s good enough to lead a franchise like the Browns to victories.

If he turns out to be this sleeping giant and gets the Browns some wins next season, then all’s good, but what if he turns out to be crap and it wasn’t just the fact that the Bengals were paying Andy Dalton far too much money to have him sitting on the bench that kept McCarron off the field?

What then? Well, this is where the Cleveland Browns go down the exact same road they’ve been going down since they came back into the league. What they will do is cave in to the pressure of the noise the fans and media people will make and they’ll end up starting their prized rookie far too early in his career with no one to guide him except a bitter veteran QB who’ll probably be too annoyed at his benching to offer much in the way of good advice.

Personally, I can’t be doing with this happening again as it’s tedious.

We have to add in the fact that Hue Jackson has to be on his final warning and if he doesn’t stop being the failure he has been to date with the Browns, then he’s out of his well-paid job. What’s he going to definitely do when it all starts hitting the fan? That’s right, he’s going to start throwing his players under the bus, including his rookie QB, and start laying the blame on everyone but himself as he showed he has no shame about doing last season. This will ruin yet another rookie QB with lots of potential. Hue Jackson is not the right guy to be in charge of the team with a rookie QB if/when the shit hits the fan again.

If the shit does hit the fan again this season, I just hope that John Dorsey kicks Hue Jackson to the curb before he has a chance to ruin another young dude! I have a lot of respect for Dorsey and this front office and I think Jackson is gone at the end of the season (at the latest) if things go less than good on the field.

DeShone Kizer could be good for a 2018 rookie QB at the Cleveland Browns

I guess we shouldn’t forget about DeShone Kizer, though. He could actually be good for a rookie coming into the Browns building this year and might actually be a buffer between Hue Jackson and the ruining of another rookie.

This all depends on whether Kizer is still around once the new season starts as there are rumblings about him being traded before the 2018 draft. I’m not sure how I feel about him potentially being traded but perhaps having two young guys in the QB unit is too many. Kizer is still only 22 and is younger than some of the rookie QB’s in this draft class.

I guess I could cope with AJ McCarron coming into Cleveland to be their QB for the 2018 NFL season as the supposed QB-whisperer, Hue Jackson seems to really like him and if he fails with his guy at the helm then it’s definitely goodbye Hue.

If DeShone Kizer is still around, or some other QB, so that the rookie doesn’t have to get thrown under the bus, then I’m happy but I’d probably feel better about a proven veteran like Case Keenum or, yes I’m really going to say this, even Mike Glennon now that the Chicago Bears are done with him due to the emergence of Mitchell Trubisky, were brought in as the “bridge QB”.

It’s only for one season before whichever one of these “must be taken first overall!” wonder-kid rookie QB’s steps up, right?  😉