Well well well, what a surprise…not! Cleveland Browns rookie wide receiver Antonio Callaway has been caught with marijuana in his car which he was driving about in at around 3am whilst his driving licence is suspended. What a total bellend!

Since he was drafted on day 3 of the 2018 draft (in the 4th round) I’ve said that I don’t like the pick and said so in my day 3 draft analysis post about how I didn’t understand John Dorsey’s thought process. I stated in there that it was the first decision he’s made as the new Browns GM that I really didn’t like.

The reason I didn’t understand the sudden change of drafting tactic was because he’d spent the first couple of days drafting hard-working young men who’ve had to really work to get to where they are and who should become leaders within the team, to then start drafting a few idiots who wouldn’t appear to have the maturity, brains or common sense to realise just how important this stage of their lives actually is. I include DB Simeon Thomas in this as well, who was taken with the 188th overall pick.

Just for the record, LB Genard Avery is the big exception to the above statement as I think he will be a good player for the Browns.

When I say that I don’t understand the thinking behind the Callaway pick, I do appreciate the “Let’s take a punt on him as he’s got 1st round talent and try to fix his off the field issues”, but I just don’t like the fact that you’re adding him to a room that already has/had fragile characters in it such as Josh Gordon and the now removed Corey Coleman.

Anyway, my concerns would appear to be justified right now as Antonio Callaway was, the other day, caught driving around in his car at around 3am on a suspended licence and with marijuana in the vehicle.

Head coach Hue Jackson said a few days after the event that he was surprised and disappointed as Callaway hadn’t told the team about it, which really isn’t a good sign that the kid has any respect for his new employer who has just given him $717,853 just for signing with them and are willing to give him over $3.1 million over the next four years.

Many people are saying “It’s just weed, the NFL needs to lighten up!”. What a load of nonsense. The fact is that it’s against the NFL rules and so the kids should know and respect that but they have a lack of respect and maturity and just can’t help themselves. People seem to be glossing over the fact that he was also driving on a suspended licence. Did he just forget or does he not give a damn for rules and regulations and think he can do what he wants. I suspect it’s the latter, to be honest.

Callaway has since stated that he hasn’t driven his car for a while as he’s only just had it shipped up to Cleveland but other people have been using it. Basically, he’s saying that the weed isn’t his but is in fact whoever has been using his car. I don’t buy this excuse at all. I mean, look at his track record (failed a drugs test at the NFL combine, FFS!) and what’s he doing driving around in the early hours of the morning when he’s involved in NFL training camp?! It just astounds me.

It has also come to light that it was only a small amount of weed that was found but still, come on man, grow the **** up and sort yourself out!

With the Callaway issue plus Corey Coleman and his partying and hooker hiring as well as us not knowing whether Josh Gordon is coming or going, this wide receivers unit has been and still is a joke. If it wasn’t for the brilliant Jarvis Landry (have you seen his speech on Hard Knocks yet?) I’d give up all hope for the 2018 NFL season.

Let’s hope that this is nothing more than a blip on the Antonio Callaway career path and that he sorts himself out and matures quickly to become the great NFL player his natural ability says he can be. I’ll not be holding my breath on that though and I don’t think we’ll have heard the last of things like this associated with Mr Callaway.

Title image credit: Ken Blaze – USA TODAY Sports