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Browns Pass on Hankins, for Now

The Cleveland Browns worked out DT Jonathan Hankins as they continue to improve a poor performing middle of their defensive line. They might have passed on Hankins for now but they did sign another player who was at the same workout. Let’s have a look at the latest addition to the defensive line unit.

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Seahawks v Raiders Moved to Wembley

So, the powers that be at NFLUK and Tottenham Hotspur have finally had to come out and admit what most people have been saying for quite some time; the new stadium won’t be ready in time for the Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders game scheduled to be played there! SHOCK HORROR GASP…not!
Find out the new ticket information here in this blog I posted just after the announcement.

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Hard Knocks Cleveland Browns – Episode 1

I finally got time to watch the first episode of Hard Knocks featuring the Cleveland Browns after NFL Gamepass Europe let me down yet again by being unable to upload it to their platform (such an appalling service we’re receiving from those clowns). This post is about what I liked from this first episode.

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