The title image of this post kinda says a lot about the Cleveland Browns in this game. Look where Spencer Drango is and look at what is happening to DeShone Kizer because of his LT’s not very good play. This kind of outcome to Drango trying to play left tackle was shown up by the good pass rush of the Baltimore Ravens. Terrell Suggs had him beaten on far too many plays and this title image shows the stripping of the ball by Za’Darius Smith that led to them recovering the ball in the end zone for the TD.

I’ll be honest, I can’t wait for the end of the Browns season so that I can allow myself to watch some proper football in the playoffs. The sooner the end of the season arrives, the sooner John Dorsey can clear house of these crap coaches (yes Hue, I’m looking at you) and scouts and the sooner we can start all over again (as is the norm in Cleveland with the Browns).

I thought Hue was supposed to be a “Quarterback Whisperer” and was brought to the Browns as HC to finally get them their guy and make him a star? He’s also stated in the past, with regards to DeShone Kizer, that:

 “I think if I am worth my salt as a coach, I will get it out of him”

But now he has decided that:

“I think that’s a fair question if he’ll ever get it. I think he will, but he has to keep working.”

Hue Jackson has said that he’ll have to watch the tape but is considering benching his young rookie again for the remaining two games of the season. That doesn’t make sense to me although I do understand that Hue would like to get at least one win this season before he gets the boot.

Kizer’s play was again pretty awful and he was responsible for three of the four Cleveland Browns turnovers. It didn’t help that we no longer have a left tackle that can play the game and keep Kizer clean but Kizer has shown how quickly he likes to give up on a play anyway.

His throws are still woefully inaccurate and he even misses wide open players in the flats as well as his his over- and under-thrown passes up field.

The brilliant Duke Johnson bailed Kizer out with a couple of nice one-handed catches off crap throws as well as bouncing a run to the outside and taking it to the end zone for the teams only TD in the game.

Isaiah Crowell had his usual one good run where he should be thankful to his offensive linemen who opened up a nice running lane for him to break out through and take the ball 59-yards. Other than that, he was his usual uninspiring self with four other runs for 13-yards.

The combination of Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman really does look like it has potential if only the Browns could get the right QB to throw to them. They didn’t achieve anything spectacular but, let’s be honest, who is going to on this offence right now? I just like the feel of the two of them and think they could be good were it not for the situation at QB the team finds themselves in year after year.

On defence, they managed a very nice goal-line stand when John Harbaugh thought he could use all four downs to punch the ball in instead of settling for putting three more points on the board. It was this stand that led to Isaiah Crowell’s 59-yard run on a drive that was capped off by Duke Johnson’s nice TD run. That was some bad decision-making by Harbaugh but I assume he thought he could pin the crap Browns offence back on their own goal-line if his team didn’t score and, at the end of the day, they hammered the lowly Browns anyway.

There’s not really anything else to say as it was just the usual load of crap I’ve come accustomed to watching these days. The offence was shite and the defence couldn’t stop the opposition’s passing game.

At least the Houston Texans lost again, meaning we’ve currently got two picks in the top five for this year’s draft! The draft is the most entertaining time of the year for me these days as my hopes get raised before being dashed again as soon as the season starts.