Ravens’ Stadium

When the current Baltimore Ravens stadium opened in 1998 it was named simply ‘Ravens Stadium’ and is still called that by many today. However, not long after it had opened, a company called PSINet bought the naming rights – in 1999 – in an estimated $150 million for 20-years deal, and so it became known as the ‘PSINet Stadium’. This was the name the stadium went by for only as short time as three years later, in 2002, the PSINet company would declare themselves bankrupt and as a result, would lose the rights to have their name on the door, so to speak.

Because having your name on a professional sports teams stadium can prove to be a very good marketing move it wasn’t long before another suitor came knocking. This time it was the M&T Bank that came waving its cash at the franchise to the sum of an estimated $75 million over 15-years. This contract was extended by the two parties involved at a further cost to the M&T Bank company of $60 million. This will see the Baltimore Ravens’ stadium named M&T Bank Stadium right up until 2027.

M&T Bank Stadium sign all lit up

The stadium is primarily the home of the Baltimore Ravens of the NFL and constantly sees crowds that are up and around the capacity mark. It has also played host to many college football games, English Premiership teams and NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Championship games.

Baltimore Ravens M&T Bank Stadium

The largest crowd recorded at the stadium for a sports event was 71,547 when the Houston Texans came to town for the 2011 AFC Divisional playoff game which the Ravens would win by a score of 20-13.

Baltimore Ravens Logo

The Ravens got off to a shaky start with regards to their logo as they went with a design which saw a set of ravens wings positioned either side of a shield which housed the word’Ravens’ and a large letter ‘B’ in the centre. There was also a cross bottony symbol at the bottom of the shield. The bottony bit refers to the “furnished with knobs or buttons” design seen at the ends of the arms of the cross.

Baltimore Ravens Shield Logo
Baltimore Ravens' early helmet design

The team used this logo on their helmets from 1996-98 until a court ruled that it infringed on a copyright of a Maryland-based amateur artist called Frederick E. Bouchat.

The artist had faxed the design to the team but was not credited with its design upon its unveiling. He sued the team and won but was only awarded a sum of $3 after the team claimed their logo had been designed independently.

After this episode, the team ran a poll of three new designs to find a new logo. The winner was the design we still see today which is the raven’s head in profile with the letter’B’ superimposed upon it. Their secondary logo is a shield housing the word “Ravens” and a “B” and “R” with emblems that are also found on the flags of the state of Maryland and the city of Baltimore.

Baltimore Ravens helmet with the newer logo design on it
Baltimore Ravens' updated secondary logo

Baltimore Ravens Uniforms

Inspired by the Northwestern University (where the legendary Otto Graham went) team – the Northwestern Wildcats – dream season of 1995, the Baltimore Ravens wear a combination of purple, black and white.

The Ravens started the trend of wearing dark colours from top to bottom in 1996 when they went with purple jerseys with black pants. It was 2004 when the alternate black jersey was introduced. They have worn completely black outfits on several occasions and call this the “Pitch Black” uniform.

An attempt to add a further uniform combination was introduced in 2015 when they wore gold pants – an accent colour of the franchise’s brand – with purple jerseys.

Baltimore Ravens gold pants uniform

This, unsurprisingly, got slammed on social media by fans of the Ravens and many many non-Ravens fans. I’m sure they just loved the opportunity to laugh at one of the other NFL teams fanbase.