Another week of NFL regular season football done and another loss for the Cleveland Browns. This latest loss takes them to 0-11 on the season with no signs of improvement, really.

Can someone please explain to me what the problem is with the passing game? Is it Kizer or is it the receivers? I wish I could go to every game and see first-hand what’s going on but I have to rely on TV coverage seeing as I live on a different continent. I’m intrigued to know why Kizer appears to give-up on a play so quickly and decides to run it himself. This says to me that he either can’t see and compute what is going on downfield to make a play or the receivers aren’t getting open for him to throw to. Anyone know?

Everyone is hating on Kenny Britt for being made out as sulking under a towel on the sideline in the first quarter and they seem to have decided that it was because he wasn’t in the game. I doubt very much that anyone actually knows this and when he did come into the game he caught his two targets for 52-yards. I’m not saying that’s a good return for thirty-odd million, but at least he caught them and battled for extra yards.

After looking a bit dodgy in the passing game over the past couple of weeks, TE David Njoku looked decent again. He was targeted four times and caught all of them. He averaged 11.8-yards per catch which is a stat I’ll take any and all weeks from a TE.

Whilst I’m on the subject of TE’s, I once again liked the way Seth DeValve played. He caught his two targets for a 16.5-yard average and looked good doing so in the third quarter. I maintain that these two TE’s are the safest hands on the roster along with Duuuuke.

Corey Coleman….hmmm, what can you say. Is it still too early to be making our minds up about him? Even though he’s in his second season in the league he’s still not played much due to breaking his hand in each season. He’s looked good and better than the other WR’s but after getting separation and making the 49-yard catch down the sideline on 3rd down, he went and dropped a catch in the endzone that should, without question, have been caught for the score. One of the best passes Kizer has thrown so far and his best WR dropped it – what’s the kid supposed to do? He also only caught three of his eight targets according to the stat sheets.

I suppose some positives from the game were things like the first drive of the day which saw the Browns moving the ball well mainly due to the RB’s, Duke Johnson and Isaiah Crowell and the holes the offensive line were opening for them. They moved the ball inside the 10-yard line only to then go backwards due to a tackle for loss and a penalty. They had to settle for the field goal which was the right thing to do but disappointing after such a good drive.

Myles Garrett got his fifth sack of the season as well as a tackle for loss and three QB hits. It was only he and the excellent Joe Schobert who seemed able to get to Andy Dalton.

Talking of the middle linebacker, Schobert was very good again as he led the team in tackles with thirteen of which two were for a loss. He has been brilliant in Greg Williams’ defence since being given his chance to start at MLB and, for me, is one of the few bright spots on this team.

The negatives are many but a few for me were the number of penalties on RT Shon Coleman again. He seems to get called for too many holding and false starts. Yes, he’s young and maybe their best option at the right tackle position but he needs to stop with the penalties every single week.

I guess the Bengals didn’t get the memo stating that they can’t run on the Browns defence as they have one of the best run defences in the league? Rookie RB, Joe Mixon just took them apart in this one with his 114-yards on 23 carries and 1TD. Even QB Andy Dalton took the piss with his 26-yards from four carries of which one was a 25-yarder and his new longest run in his career.

Cody Kessler….OMFG! In for one 3-and-out drive where he handed the ball off once, threw one pass away into the ground and got sacked for a 9-yard loss – brilliant, this guy is well worth his paychecks, right? What exactly does he bring to the team again?

DeShone Kizer runs too much. Why is he running so much? As I asked earlier, is it him or the receivers that are causing him to run so often and so soon into a play? Aren’t his targets getting open or does he have no pocket awareness leading him to panic and try to get out of Dodge too quickly? I’m just not sure as he looks pretty good at times when he releases the ball quickly but when he holds it too long he looks crap. Is this a gameplan/playcalling issue?

Anyway, the Browns looked pretty bad again this week on both sides of the ball even though their stats say otherwise in a few areas. One day they might be able to turn their possession, good drives, nice throws, potential INT’s etc etc etc into TD’s, but for now they just don’t seem able to convert things that other teams do and win games.

Header image credit: David Kohl – USA TODAY Sports