Finally! The Cleveland Browns would appear to have run out of patience with the untrustworthy Josh Gordon and have announced that they will be releasing him on Monday 17th September following their road game in New Orleans.

It’s not known exactly what’s happened to make the franchise’s patience finally run out, but he apparently turned up late to practice on Saturday and ‘didn’t look himself’. I assume this means he been off sampling his favourite substance on Friday night after a reported promotional shoot he said he was at that evening. Gordon apparently claimed to have strained his hamstring at the promotional gig.

After all this time of sticking by him and supporting him, Gordon STILL doesn’t get it. I can’t work out if it’s the Browns he doesn’t want to play for or if he just isn’t interested in playing football. I suspect it’s the latter and I suspect that’s why he’ll never amount to much in the NFL going forward.

It’s being reported that some five teams have shown an interest in trading for Gordon in an attempt to beat the competition for his signature should he hit the free agency market. I find it hard to think that a team would actually give anything for him as I just don’t think he’s interested in playing the game. I believe he thinks he’s done enough with that excellent season way back in 2013 and he thinks one outstanding season of play means everyone should still praise him and throw money at him whilst he pretends to be interested in working for them. I guess Cleveland and its desperation for a return to the good old days of success has been the perfect place for him to take the piss for the past six years.

I can’t believe that I’ve seen people on social media actually calling John Dorsey an idiot for making this move! People are calling Gordon the teams best wide receiver…really!? What year are you people living in? If he actually showed up and was willing to work for his employer, maybe he would be their best receiver but with his mindset being what it is, he ain’t worth shit to the Browns!

The usual talk has started where people think he’ll go to New England and help them to win another Super Bowl, but I think he’d be more like a Kenny Britt type with them were that to happen.

None of us knows exactly what’s gone on but I really do think that this is the best move for the Browns and is one I’ve wanted them to make for quite some time now. First and foremost I’m a Cleveland Browns fan and so most things I look at like this are from the perspective of the franchise first. I wish Josh Gordon all the best and hope he can get himself sorted out, but as a Browns fan, I’m glad that he’s finally gone. No one player is ever bigger than the franchise but I think Josh Gordon thought that’s exactly what he was. I can’t say I’m surprised as he’s a young man who’s had all these people heaping praise and money on him from a young age which he just couldn’t handle very well.

What Now for the Browns?

So who does that leave us with at the wide receiver position? Well, we have:

  • Jarvis Landry
  • Antonio Callaway
  • Rashard Higgins
  • Damion Ratley
  • Derrick Willies

That’s not exactly an experienced unit now, is it? The most experienced is the brilliant Jarvis Landry followed by the 3-year pro, Rashard Higgins who has himself only just broken onto the big scene.

Surely this all points to GM John Dorsey making the call to veteran Dez Bryant, right? I imagine the conversation goes something like:

Dorsey: Hey Dez, you remember that conversation we had about the situation that might arise with Josh that would see you being elevated to WR2 form WR3 and get you more money with the Browns?

Dez: Yeah?

Dorsey: Well buddy boy, it’s happened. You still wanna come play for the Cleveland Browns for a season and form a partnership with Tyrod and Jarvis?

It just seems like this possible scenario was discussed when Dez Bryant came to visit the Browns about a possible job. I imagine Dez still sees himself as a starting WR and would sign if he got WR1 or WR2 money but not WR3 or below. Maybe I’m wrong but he just seems like the perfect replacement for Gordon and I imagine he’d actually turn up and play, unlike Gordon.

I personally wouldn’t look up to Bryant but then again I’m a grumpy old git, whereas I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the modern day youth in that wide receiver room would look up to both him and Jarvis Landry.

Anyway, I’m into the realms of predictions and flinging shit that I hope will stick so that I can say “I told you so”. I don’t really do that and leave that to other people on Twitter so I’ll stop now. All I’ll say is, I’m glad Gordon has finally gone and if Dorsey can get anything for him, well done him. I also believe that the team will need to go out and replace Gordon with a veteran wide receiver as that room is looking lacking right now. I like that the team has stood by him for all this time but people are still getting angry at them for releasing him which I seriously don’t understand as this isn’t 2013/14. Surely it’s time for someone else to take over looking after him?

So, what do you think about this move by John Dorsey and the Cleveland Browns? There are some strong believers in Josh Gordon out there who have even stated he’s got team-leader traits after they watched one training camp interview with him (yeah, seriously). Let me know what you think of the move in the comments below.