The Cleveland Browns have continued to add the odd piece to the big picture rebuild and have recently signed career backup QB Drew Stanton to a 2-year deal.

This move adds another veteran to the quarterback’s room but I seriously doubt it means they change what everyone is saying of the Browns selecting a QB at #1 or #4 (most likely #1) in the 2018 NFL draft.

I was surprised to see that Drew Stanton was picked as high as the 2nd round (43rd overall) in the 2007 draft by the Detroit Lions. He never earned himself a starting role as he sat behind Daunte Culpepper and then Matt Stafford after the team drafted him first overall in 2009.

After a brief spell with the New York Jets which ended with him asking to be released or traded after they brought in Tim Tebow, Stanton ended up in Indianapolis with the Colts. If he was aiming for a starting role here, he was to be disappointed as they drafted the supposed “once in a generation” Andrew Luck who quickly became their starter.

Perhaps the best time of his career has been as a backup in Arizona where he’s been Carson Palmer’s stand-in everytime he’s been injured.

He hasn’t signed with the Cleveland Browns to be anything other than a backup yet again. I’m sure he’s not bothered as he’s become a very rich man by being a backup to the tune of just under $26 million before his Browns contract is added to his bank account.

What Does This Mean for the Browns?

I seriously doubt it means they change their draft plan for the first two picks at #1 and #4 as they will most likely still be picking one of the top four QB’s from this class with one of those picks — most probably the #1 due to the shuffling that’s going on behind them as teams come up to get their QB as well.

The thing that this move does in my mind is making me wonder if they’re planning on going for a longer gameplan in terms of bringing their rookie QB through.

What do I mean by this? Well, I personally think that Baker Mayfield, Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold will be the rookies that will be ready to take to the field quicker than Josh Allen, but I do think that Allen is looking like the ideal candidate to be the long-term answer at QB in the AFC North with the Cleveland Browns. I think this because of his height, hand size and his strong arm. Yes, people have said he can be inaccurate but I’ve seen nothing but good things from him and it’s been said that once he gets his footwork aligned to his throws he’s good to go.

Josh Allen

With Tyrod Taylor in as the already announced starter for the 2018 season and Drew Stanton in as the backup, Josh Allen, or whichever QB the team chooses, has absolutely no pressure on them to come in and save the head coach his job like DeShone Kizer had in 2017.

This move of bringing Stanton in ticks yet another favourable box for me in the John Dorsey is doing great things with the Cleveland Browns in order to turn them around and into winners. It’s a simple move but one that takes any pressure there might have been on the rookie QB this year and will allow them to develop for a year or two. Tyrod Taylor is on a 1-year contract but I’m sure that will be looked at depending on how things pan out.

Obviously, everything I’ve said about Josh Allen being the guy could also be said about the current favourite for the first overall pick Sam Darnold or Baker Mayfield or, God forbid, Josh Rosen.