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Final Browns 2018 Mock Draft

This is my final attempt at a mock draft for the Cleveland Browns as, to be honest, I just want the real thing to get here now. Here I use the Fanspeak platform to help me keep things nice and tidy, so why not come on in and have a look at how I got on.

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Quarterbacks Room Clearout

The Cleveland Browns aren’t messing about when it comes to changing themselves into a winning franchise. You can’t beat a good clear out and that’s exactly what the team has done with their awful 2017 QB unit. Many moves have been made to reshape the unit so let’s have a look at them here.

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LT Talking A Lot of Sense

Legendary running back LaDainian Tomlinson has had his say on what he thinks the Cleveland Browns should do at #1 and #4 of the 2018 NFL draft and what they should do at the QB position. Here’s what he thinks and whether I agree or not.

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NFL Combine 2018 Schedule

So, who’s your guess for the first overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft? It’s time for the 2018 NFL Combine which will help us access and give our opinions on who we think will be great and who we think will be a bust. It’s NFL Combine time!

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Browns Mock Draft 2018 v1.0

So, here we are, firmly in the grip of the most boring time of the off-season (for me anyway) with everyone imposing their opinions on everyone else about what is going to happen during free agency and the draft. I thought I’d join in with a quick mock draft for the Browns and what I’d like to see them do. Have at mine then have a go for yourself.

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2018 Senior Bowl Reaction

The Senior Bowl has now been played after a week of practices and drills by potential future NFL stars. They’ve been coached by the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans all week in the run-up to the game. Here I have a look at who stood out for good and bad and who might be of benefit to the Cleveland Browns come draft day.

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