Cleveland Browns’ Stadium

The Cleveland Browns started their football life in the city playing at the “Cleveland Stadium”. They played there between 1946 and 1995. In its day the stadium had one of the largest seating capacities of any NFL stadium and was considered as a good venue for both the Browns of the NFL and the Indians of the MLB. In its later life, the stadium’s condition continued to go downhill and need renovations.

Browns owner of the time, Art Modell took responsibility for the stadium from the city and made some of the renovations. By the mid-1990’s, though, he was said to be struggling financially and so went to the city for help with getting some major renovations done to their home. None was forthcoming and this was said to be a major factor in his decision to move the franchise out of the city. He’d spent a large proportion of his money on the city of Cleveland to the point where he needed the city to help him in return. His requests for help fell on deaf ears, though, it would seem.

Cleveland Stadium - former home to the Browns of the NFL and the Indians of the MLB.

FirstEnergy Stadium

Today the Browns play their games in the FirstEnergy Stadium which opened in 1999 as ‘Cleveland Browns Stadium’ when the team returned to the city after the previous owner, Art Modell, had relocated the team to Baltimore for the 1996 season to become the Baltimore Ravens. This move was made largely due to the owner not getting the backing he wanted from the city that would allow him to make the improvements to the stadium that were desperately needed. This franchise relocation still has the Browns faithful in a furious mood to this day as the team could have been on the brink of something huge after putting a certain Mr Bill Belichick in charge along with assistant coaches who went on to be good head coaches themselves.

During the relocation, owner, Art Modell got rid of head coach Bill Belichick who went to the New England Patriots as an assistant coach, then had a short stint in New York with the Jets before returning to the Patriots as head coach on 2000. He is now widely regarded as the greatest head coach to ever ply his trade in the NFL.

The original stadium was totally demolished in order to make room for a new home for the Cleveland Browns. This was all part of a deal that would see the franchise return to the city no later than 1999 as per the NFL’s promise. It originally had a capacity of 73,200 but after renovations in 2014-2015, that capacity was reduced to 67,431. It is located in downtown Cleveland in the state of Ohio and sits on the shore of Lake Eerie close to the Great Lakes Science Museum as well as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame up close to the border with Canada.

Cleveland Browns' First Energy Stadium

Cleveland Browns Logo and Uniform

The Browns don’t actually have a logo on their helmets and are the only team to not have one in the NFL. There have been several logos used for promotional purposes through the years such as the ‘Brownies Elf’, the brown ‘B’ on a white football and, more recently, the brown and orange dog logo inspired by the popular Dawg Pound section in the stadium on gameday. The official logo, though, remains the logo-less helmet as per the image below.

Cleveland Browns Brownie Elf logo
Cleveland Browns B logo
Cleveland Browns Dawg logo
Orange and Brown Cleveland Browns Dawg logo

The uniform of the Cleveland Browns remained largely unchanged up until the start of the 2015 season. The current uniforms can be seen below. The colours have always been a combination of brown, orange and white. The latest uniform change is, perhaps, the most drastic to date. With the more prominent stripes and the text on the jerseys and pants.

Current Cleveland Browns uniforms
Cleveland Browns current logo

I personally like the new uniforms as I feel they look modern but haven’t gone over the top like teams such as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Seattle Seahawks did with their latest incarnations of their kits. I have seen many a purest hammer the new Cleveland Browns uniform, though, as they much prefer the old style of NFL uniforms – each to their own. These are the same people who seem to be afraid of change in my opinion and slag off any change to the league or teams that compete in it – including the NFL London games – but, like I say, each to their own.

The Cleveland Browns play host to the Minnesota Vikings at Twickenham stadium during the NFL London 2017 series of games. Be sure to keep up-to-date with this and the other teams that will be playing in this and future series’ as that’s the aim of

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