The Detroit Lions appear to have decided to join in with the trend of uniform changes that seems to be a more frequent occurrence these days in the league than I can ever remember in the past. They’ve just unveiled what they’ll be going with for the foreseeable future as their home, road, colour rush and throwback combinations – once a team has changed its uniform it is not permitted to do so again for the following 5 years.

Even though this site is about the NFL London games and the teams involved, I seem to have developed a soft spot for the Detroit Lions as they were one of the first teams my wife saw at Wembley, when they played against the Atlanta Falcons, and so decided they were going to be her team – I spend quite a few Sundays during the season watching them on the NFL Gamepass platform. Because of this, and the fact I quite like a uniform change now and then as it freshens up the look of the league, I thought I’d stick a quick post on here about the change.

Personally, I really liked the previous uniforms and was a little disappointed when they announced they were going to be having a change. I liked the touch of black around the numbers and logo, down the outside of the pants, over the helmet and on the facemask, but they’ve now gone. I also really liked the font used for the jersey numbers and names.

Having said that, the more I look at the new uniforms, the more I like them! I’m glad they stuck with the Honolulu Blue (like they were ever going to change it) as it’s my favourite colour of all the uniforms in the NFL.

I’ve seen people bashing the fact that they now have their team name, “Lions” on the right sleeve as if it’s a major bad thing. These are the same people, I’d wager, who bashed the Browns for having “Cleveland” on the front of their jerseys. I see nothing wrong with this and think it’s just a part of the uniform evolution and a marketing thing and we’ll probably see more of it going forward.

All in all, I like the changes but I still don’t think that they were necessary just yet as their uniforms looked nice and modern anyway.

What do you think of the changes? Let us know in the comments below.

The Detroit Lions have a nice site showing their new uniforms in more detail. Check it out here.