The NFL has taken another step in making their product more accessible to the masses by allowing the ten teams who have committed to playing one of their regular season games on foreign shores.

Eight of the ten teams will play in London but two will play in Mexico again this year. As we should know by now, the eight London-bound teams are:

  • Cleveland Browns
  • Minnesota Vikings
  • Baltimore Ravens
  • LA Rams
  • New Orleans Saints
  • Arizona Cardinals
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Miami Dolphins

One of the teams playing in Mexico will return there again this year after putting on a show to beat the Houston Texans 27-20 and the other is the reigning Super Bowl champions:

  • Oakland Raiders
  • New England Patriots

I’m sure a lot of people have and will continue to bitch about what they perceive to be a difference in the quality of teams going to Mexico and coming to the UK, which I disagree but won’t go into a rant about it here.

Not all of these teams’ preseason games will be available to stream live as a few will be televised on a national scale in the U.S. meaning aren’t allowed to stream them.

Where and When to Stream the Free Games

So, where do we go to stream these live and free NFL preseason games I hear you ask. Well, that’s a good question. Below is the list of links that will take you to where you need to be:

The calendar for the games we can watch is as follows:

Preseason Week 2

August 18 | Buccaneers at Jaguars | 1am

August 18 | Ravens at Dolphins | midnight

August 20 | Rams at Raiders | 3am

August 20 | Bears at Cardinals | 3am

August 22 | Giants at Browns | 1am

Preseason Week 3

August 25 | Panthers at Jaguars | 12:30am

August 27 | Bills at Ravens | midnight

August 27 | Chargers at Rams | 1am

August 27 | Texans at Saints | 1am

August 28 | 49ers at Vikings | 1am

Preseason Week 4

September 1 | Dolphins at Vikings | 1am

September 1 | Giants at Patriots | 12:30am

September 1 | Ravens at Saints | 1am

September 1 | Seahawks at Raiders | 3am

All times are displayed in UK time so you’re going to have to be pretty dedicated to stay up and watch these games but, if like me, you’re craving some NFL football after the long off-season, this could be just great. Let’s be honest here, most people are only interested in seeing the first team players anyway so it’s not like you’ll have to stay up late to get to see them play.

An alternative to staying up to watch these games being streamed live is to subscribe to NFL Gamepass where you can watch any and all games live or later at your leisure. Not everyone can afford or is willing to pay the £139.99 for Gamepass so, again, this streaming is a great idea for people wanting to watch some football in more detail than just highlights.

So, will you be watching or isn’t it worth it to you seeing as it’s just the preseason? Let us know in the comments below.