Over the past few days, I’ve seen people in Facebook groups and on Twitter stressing out over the fact that their NFL Gamepass app isn’t working on their devices. It seems people are panicking about whether their subscriptions have been auto-renewed or not and whether they should apply again etc.

The simple fact of the matter is that they are updating the app and moving it to a new service provider.

They have said that the new app will be released and be working by August 1st in time for the season. Up until then, we are advised to simply use their new and improved internet browser window-based option on our devices. This web-based option is fully mobile-optimised so we won’t have any issues. I’ve used it on my iPhone and iPad and it works perfectly well. The one thing that I do miss and is annoying me at the minute is the lack of an ability to cast the program I’m watching on there from my phone to my TV. I use the Google Chromecast to do so but the option isn’t available on their browser site unless you have it open on your PC, apparently. I can’t say I’ve tried that yet so can say if it works or not.

In an email I received from them today they say:

We’ve listened to our 2016 season subscribers and we’re adding new functionality to make NFL Game Pass better than ever in 2017. Missed kick off for the live game you want to watch? Don’t wait to catch up on the action! With the new NFL Game Pass platform, every live game will be instantly available to watch from the beginning. There will also be more content than ever before, including fan-favourite ‘All or Nothing with the Arizona Cardinals’.

I don’t quite understand how this is going to be the massive new option that I think they’re going to try to make it out to be. I used to just grab the progress bar at the bottom of the screen and quickly rewind the game back to the beginning anyway. That way I could fast forward to through the adverts until I caught up. I reckon they’ll just add a button that allows us to watch a currently running game from the beginning and this option won’t allow us to skip through the ads. Call me cynical but I think this option will benefit them more than us as it guarantees we see the commercials that companies are paying them a hell of a lot of money to air.

They go on to say:

Not only that, but your favourite content and features will be returning, including:

  • No Spoiler mode
  • Live NFL RedZone
  • Mobile downloads (now also available on Android devices)
  • Coaches Film
  • Game in 40 (previously known as Condensed Games)
  • NFL Network live 24/7
  • NFL Network archive
  • And many more…

So all-in-all I get the impression that not much is changing even though they say they’ve listened to us subscribers from those questionnaires they kept sending out. I think it’s just taking them time to move everything across to the new service provider and maybe polish things up a little.

At the end of the email they sent, it says we should email them if we have any other questions. I did this asking them why they don’t support us watching their platform via our PS4 consoles. It’s pretty obvious that it’s because they are Microsoft has a deal that pays them lots of money but I just wanted to ask them directly and see what they come back with. It’ll be quite interesting to see if they come back with a waffling reply that says not a lot (like the email I received today about the app not working) or whether they’ll speak what I suspect is the truth. I’ll keep you posted.

Anyway, don’t stress about your subscription and Gamepass App not working as it will be back by 1st August and you can watch it via the web browser version for now as it is fully mobile-optimised (that’s all their email had to say, really).