I seem to be on a bit of an NFL merchandise spending spree at the moment and I’m starting to think that it’s time I stopped as, surely, I’m now prepared for the 2017 NFL season, right?

Some of the latest things I went for are the t-shirts that supermarket giant, Sainsbury’s have decided to test the NFL merchandise waters with. As per my earlier post about them, they have decided to see what the market is like for this NFL apparel and started off tentatively by stocking some generic NFL designs and team t-shirts for just those that are playing in the 2017 NFL London games.

The company didn’t go all out with this test by filling all of their stores with this stuff but instead tried it in 130 of their larger stores. Because of this, I ordered mine online as my local store isn’t one of those larger ones. I was pleased to see that the Cleveland Browns one was now in stock (it hadn’t been when I first looked) so immediately hit the ‘Add to Basket’ button on that one. I decided I wanted a couple more and didn’t really like the generic ones from the images online. Due to this, I went for the Jacksonville Jaguars and LA Rams ones (no-one can accuse me of being a glory supporter).

When ordering online it says they should be ready to pick up from your local store (or whichever one you have chosen to have your order sent to) within 3-5 days, which I thought was ok. My order actually took the 5 days to be released from the warehouse but was then in store on the 6th day – no biggy.

When you go to pick up your order you need to take along the receipt they email to you which is fine to be shown to them on your phone as well as the card you made the purchase with.

When I got them home and opened, I immediately loved the Browns one as it looks better in real life than in the images online. I love the patina look on cars and old signs etc. so these things are right up my street. The Jags and Rams ones are also pretty cool so I’ll not be ashamed to wear them but I doubt they’ll get worn anywhere near as much as the Browns one.

Once I’d opened them and worn one I decided I liked them so much that I wanted some more. There’s a big Sainsbury’s store not a million miles away from me and we were heading that way to get the kids kicked out with their back-to-school stuff so I decided to pop in. I was pleased to see that they had them in stock but was disappointed to see that they didn’t have all of them. They were missing the Browns, Vikings, Cardinals and Ravens tees but I wasn’t too bothered as I decided on the generic designs as they too look better in the flesh than in the images online.

NFL t-shirts in Sainsbury's Fosse Park

I must have got caught up in the moment as I bought six more of which included the Miami Dolphins one that is/was out of stock online. That seems to be a theme for the online shop and physical stores as it’s kind of a lottery as to which ones are available at any given time. Keep checking back is probably the best bet.

NFL Tees from Sainsbury's

The original price of the tees was £14 but they were only £10.50 when I got mine due to the clothing discount in their TU stores. For that great price you can’t expect the same quality as some of the expensive stuff in the NFL shops but they are still decent. The graphics are, obviously, just printed on as is the NFL logo and “Team Apparel” text inside the neckline but the little badge at the front bottom left and the NFL shield logo on the left sleeve is stitched.


Stitched badge on Sainsbury's NFL tees

NFL Shield Logo on sleeve of Sainsbury's t-shirts

All in all, I’d say they aren’t amazing quality but they are well worth the £14 (or £10.50 discounted) price that Sainsbury’s are selling them for. The patina/distressed look they all have is brilliant in my mind as brand new shiny stuff isn’t really me, to be honest, and all of them look good designs. A couple of the generic designs aren’t for me but I’m sure others will like them.

If you have one of the larger Sainsbury’s stores near you, I’d take the time to go and have a quick look but if you don’t, then there’s always the online shop.