The NFL regular season keeps powering on at pace and this week saw the 14th week of play. It was the turn of the NFC North’s Green Bay Packers to travel to Cleveland and face the struggling AFC North team.


The Browns got the ball first and looked anything but a struggling NFL team as they came out on fire and put together a very nice opening drive that concluding with a pass from rookie QB DeShone Kizer to newly returned WR Josh Gordon. The drive had also opened with a fantastic long pass linking these two players and was also accompanied by some good running by Isaiah Crowell.

The Browns offence actually looked good for most of the game and were enjoyable to watch for once! I can’t help but notice too many of Kizer’s throws are still coming up short but there weren’t as many this week as in previous weeks which is a sign of improvement.

They went in 14-7 up at the half and looked like a good offence in the first half. Is the future in Cleveland actually DeShone Kizer throwing to Josh Gordon, Corey Coleman and other good WR’s that should be brought in this offseason?

It looked obvious to me how much more confident Kizer looked this week and I’m thinking it’s got a lot to do with Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman being back. They already look much better than the other lot he’s had to work with earlier in the season.

It also helped Kizer that Isaiah Crowell had a great game. The offensive line was opening some nice big holes for him to run through but he also showed some good patience and vision with the ability to bounce outside if a hole wasn’t there. Crowell ended the day with 19 runs for 121-yards giving him 716-yards for the season so far. It’s unlikely he’ll achieve it with only three games left for the Browns this season, but he’s so close to the milestone of a 1000-yard season.

I pray to the football gods that this is the kind of offensive balance and play we see regularly going forward as the team rebuild continues.

Maybe it’s a bold statement but if Corey Coleman can stay healthy and Josh Gordon can stay clean and committed to himself and his employer, the Browns are just a QB away from actually having a good offence!

I wouldn’t be surprised if they give Crowell his new contract but if they don’t, I’d think they could take Saquon Barkley with the first overall pick (as most fans seem to want them to do) so the backfield is sorted either way. I would personally like to see them go after a veteran QB this offseason as opposed to grabbing a rookie QB in the first round of the upcoming draft. I say this because, even though I’ve given up on him in the past, I keep getting drawn back into the thought process that all might not be lost with DeShone Kizer.

Go get a veteran QB to help the team progress for the next couple of seasons then reassess where things are with him and DeShone Kizer. If things aren’t looking good with Kizer then that’s when you go looking for a rookie. Although he’s shown flashes of ability, I strongly feel that Kizer could do with sitting behind a veteran for a season or two to learn and mature.

I doubt anyone knows about Eli Mannings availability now that McAdoo has been ousted from New York but I wouldn’t be upset to see him or Kirk Cousins at QB for the Browns in 2018. The question mark with Cousins will be his value for money as I imagine he’ll demand a Derek Carr/Matt Stafford kind of contract. Eli for 2-3 seasons seems attractive but who knows what’s going on over there in New York? It would appear that they don’t even know right now.

Alex Smith might even be another option seeing as Patrick Mahomes is breathing down his neck, but this would be my least favourite option. I’m intrigued to see what new GM John Dorsey can achieve before the 2018 NFL season kicks off as I was a fan of the way Sashi Brown did his deals as he’s set the team up very well going forward. I just hope Dorsey and Hue Jackson can work well together and pick more of the right players to help the team improve from the shower of shite we’ve been seeing for too long now.


Well, this unit is still playing ok and there is some real talent within it but it seems to be giving up way too much way too often at an ever-increasing rate.

It was an embarrassing blown coverage that gifted the Packers their first TD of the game as it appeared the cornerback was expecting safety help that just simply never came!

I desperately want to see the Browns draft Florida State safety Derwin James in this year’s draft, even if they have to take him first overall. Yes, I said it, I’m not bothered for the team to take a QB first overall this year! Greg Williams, Jabrill Peppers and Derwin James could then work out between them who would start at free safety and who at strong safety as they both can do either and do them well. Personally, I want to see Peppers at strong safety and James at free safety.

Although a lot of people put this game’s loss on DeShone Kizer for his poor decision to lob the ball up as he was getting sacked in the overtime period, the game should have been put to bed by the Browns’ special teams and defence before it even got to OT.

The punt coverage was awful with the score at 21-14 to the Browns. They let the Packers returner get all the way to the Browns’ 25-yard line before making the stop and then the defence couldn’t stop anything at all and Hundley ended up scrambling into the endzone for the tie. Britton Colquitt had had a good game up until this point as his coverage team were just bad.

This all led to the OT period and the pressure was back on Kizer who could be said to have not handled it very well and made the bad decision to toss the ball up instead of just taking the sack. I just hope he learns from his mistakes and has things like this drummed into him by the coaches.

Anyway, this is all ifs-buts-and-maybes, but in general, the game was good to watch and the offence seems to have improved, which is what we desperately need to see more of before the end of the season. With some quality additions to the team during the offseason, this team could actually start winning and be a contender in games before long. But, how many times have we said that though?