Not long now until we get a behind the scenes look at our favourite franchise.

This year’s HBO Hard Knocks team is the Cleveland Browns as the show enters its 13th year.

So what is it? Well, it’s a 5 episode series of one hour long shows featuring a behind the scenes look at the Cleveland Browns as they prepare for the 2018 NFL season during training camp. Their cameras will be there and be filming from the time the players arrive at camp and will continue to follow them throughout.

The Cleveland Browns were the perfect choice for the HBO production this year as they continue to rebuild after two disastrous seasons which have seen them win just one game from thirty-two!

We should get a look at the new front office with such respected guys as John Dorsey, Eliot Wolf and Alonzo Highsmith as well as be getting a very early look at Hue Jackson in what is, without doubt, his make or break season as Browns head coach.

Not only has the front office been overhauled but so has the roster. I’m looking forward to seeing the likes of Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor and how they get on, plus the other big-name additions and rookies such as Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb, Mychal Kendricks etc.

I’m sure the recent drama of Corey Coleman’s trade to the Buffalo Bills for basically nothing will feature as it seems to have divided fans on social media (I still don’t understand why people are pissed off about him being kicked out—maybe someone can explain in the comments below?).

When and Where to Watch

The show will be aired in the States on Tuesday 7th August at 10pm ET but not available to us UK fans on Gamepass until Thursday 9th and then on Friday 10th on Sky Sports. It’s already up on YouTube.

The series will be 5 episodes, each an hour long which should finish just before the regular season kicks off and should show us again the highs and lows as a team tries to make the right roster choices in preparation for the upcoming season.

So, will you be watching? If so, which platform will you be watching it on? Let us know in the comments below.