The popularity of the NFL is definitely on the rise in the UK and sauce giant Heinz have decided to grab a piece of the action it would seem. They have become the “Official Mustard Sponsor of NFL in the UK”. I shit you not, it’s a thing, really, it says so at the bottom of the website! The NFL will take money from anyone, lol!

Anyway, time to put cynical me to the side and move on to the great little prize draw they’re running for us NFL fans in which we can win some pretty damn good prizes.

What We Have To Do

It’s a prize draw thing with a bit of a difference. Instead of just giving them all your details so they can spam you with adverts and offers (stop it cynical me!) you also have to come up with ideas for them to add into their “Heinz Yellow Mustard Ultimate Playbook”.

They’re after your ideas for pre-game snacks/rituals, mouth-watering sauce combos or snack prep ideas – basically, anything related to food that you prep/eat before, during and/or after an NFL game. Whether the ideas will actually be put into a book or just left on the website remains to be seen, I suspect the latter, but it’s a nice idea. Oh, and you do still have to give them all your info so they can spam you later.

How to Enter

There are four windows of opportunity to enter the prize draw for these great prizes which Heinz have tenuously linked to the NFL by calling them “quarters”. The first “quarter” is open now and runs until 3/9/17. Once that one has closed, the second “quarter” opens etc.

The opening dates for these four entry windows are:

  • 1st Quarter: Open now until 3/9/17
  • 2nd Quarter: 4/9/17
  • 3rd Quarter: 25/9/17
  • 4th Quarter: 16/10/17 

We can enter each of the four quarters so not to worry if you don’t get picked in the previous one as you just go for it again. I’m not sure at this stage as I’ve not tried it yet, but we might be able to enter each quarter more than once? Have a go and let me know. If it won’t let you do it with the same info details, just create another email address and enter again.

The Prizes

Like I say, the prizes they are putting up in return for your details and input into the competition are pretty darn good. They are tempting us with:

  • 10 pairs of tickets to the Wembley games
  • 10 pairs of tickets to the Twickenham games
  • £200 merchandise bundle for your favourite team
  • Package for 2 to Super Bowl LII

They are all worth winning but that last one (which is the quarter 4 prize) is AMAZING and the one I want so badly to win!

I need Inspiration

If like me, you’re struggling to come up with ideas for your entries, Heinz has put up some examples of their own as well as some of the entries already entered. Have a look through these and you’ll get the idea and some inspiration. If you don’t get inspired then, as always, Google is your friend!

So, what are you waiting for? Go get entering as these prizes are well worth winning!