The Cleveland Browns lost a key piece of their defence on Sunday during their loss to the Detroit Lions when LB Jamie Collins got injured on his interception of a Matt Stafford pass. Collins hit the deck after making the interception and tried to get up to gain more yards but was taken down immediately. In the process of going to ground, his right leg got caught at a funny angle with players on it which has caused the MCL injury.

He was later seen on the sideline walking under his own power so I was hoping it wasn’t as bad as it looked but I know by now that limbs being bent in such a fashion, under the weight of an NFL player, very often cause damage worse than it looks.

Indeed this is the case with Jamie Collins as he is now out for the rest of the season with an MCL injury to his right knee.

That’s unfortunate, that’s a big blow to our defensive football team. He’s one of our best players and one of our leaders and one of our real good locker room guys, and we’ll miss him. But that’s football. It happens. He’ll grow and get back as soon as he can and be stronger and better for it.

Hue Jackson on the Jamie Collins Injury

This is indeed a shame for the Cleveland Browns as Collins is one of their more naturally talented players and they’ll miss him for the rest of the season as they did in the game against the Lions once he was removed from it.

Now that he’s out for the season, he will have missed a total of nine games this season, meaning he’ll only have played in seven. This is due to the fact that he’s already missed three games after being placed on the concussion protocol programme already. Really not a very good return on the investment the Browns made in him when they extended his contract and made him one of the highest paid linebackers in the league.

At the time of his contract negotiations, it is believed he wanted to be paid more than Carolina’s Luke Kuechley, which he now is. Even though Kuechley has also been on the concussion protocol programme, I know which I’d rather have on my team.

Jamie Collins was given a 4-year contract with the Browns which would pay him $50 million with $26 million in guarantees! Not a bad haul for playing in seven games a season. I just hope he can get himself right and come back strong next season as the Browns front-seven have the potential to be very good, and with a few additions to the secondary, this defence could be really good.

I doubt that Collins will even know how the Browns end the season (and I wonder if he’ll even care) as he’s admitted in a past interview that he doesn’t watch football and would rather be playing video games. Well, at least now he can sit at home in his multi-million dollar house that the Cleveland Browns franchise has enabled him to buy doing what he wants to do most of all.