Another move has been made to add competition and depth to the roster of the Cleveland Browns. To anyone who watched the Browns during the 2017 NFL season will have seen that one of their major issues (amongst the many) was the lack of any decent play from the wide receivers they had on the roster. It still confuses me how the people making the decisions on gameday thought that throwing DeShone Kizer in at QB made any sense at all considering the targets he had to throw to.

They’ve already brought the excellent Jarvis Landry in to add to the potentially excellent Corey Coleman and proven ability of Josh Gordon (please let him grow in maturity and stay clean) to give them, potentially, a very good set of starting receivers — I’m still not sold on Josh Gordon being able to stay clean and I’m not sure Corey Coleman will prove to be worth the first round pick the Browns used to get him in the 2016 draft.

Because the receivers unit is still not a settled unit GM John Dorsey has added another mid-twenties veteran to his roster. This veteran comes in the form of another ex-Green Bay Packer, Jeff Janis.

You could be forgiven for thinking “Who?”, as he hasn’t set the NFL on fire on a regular basis during his four-year career but you might have heard his name mentioned at least once before this move.

He’s the guy who caught one of Aaron Rodgers’  lucky last-ditch lob-and-hope passes (sorry, I mean skilfull Hail Mary passes…obviously…not) against the Arizona Cardinals in the 2016 NFC Championship game to take it to overtime — the Packers would go on to lose 26-20 in overtime, though, what a shame.

All the talk is about the fact that he’s only caught 17 catches for a total of 200-yards on offence during the regular season, but he’s thought of as a good special teams player as well. This could be a factor if it comes down to him or one of the other fringe players getting a roster spot.

I can’t imagine he’s going to be in the conversation when it comes to deciding the starters, but I can see him beating out some of the others who are at training camp to prove themselves and to fight for a roster spot. His four years of experience and flashes of good ability will be what has earned him a chance to make the Browns roster for the 2018 season and considering the state of the unit last season, Jeff Janis is a definite upgrade and could eclipse his career stats to date in one season with the Browns.

All in all, another positive move by John Dorsey to add an underrated player to the roster to up the level of competition going into the 2018 season.