I think you might be able to get, from that first line, how I feel about the latest move by the brilliant John Dorsey and his crew, right?

Dorsey and this new front office have already made lots of great moves to change the roster into one that can compete with the best in the NFL (the Steelers and Saints both got to the Divisional round of the playoffs last year, don’t forget) and even though I’ve liked most of them, I think this has to be one of my favourite moves to date.

All the Josh Gordon fans, who would appear to still be living in 2013, are up in arms about the trade of their hero to the New England Patriots and I must admit that I find it hilarious and totally baffling as to what they think he is to the Browns.

As I’ve said before, I’m a Cleveland Browns fan first and foremost and then a fan of certain players thereafter. Gordon has never really been a favourite of mine as he had major red flags against him when he was drafted with a 2nd round pick in the 2012 NFL supplemental draft. Most teams stayed away from him because of these red flags, and quite rightly so.

Gordon had a good rookie year with 50 receptions for 805-yards and 5TD’s before exploding in 2013 when he went for 1,646-yards off 87 receptions and helped himself to 9TD’s. Now, if he’d carried on like that I’d agree with his fans that he would have been the best receiver in the league and the Browns should have done all they could to keep him and make him a very rich young man…BUT HE DIDN’T!!!

After a fantastic start to his career, Josh Gordon would appear to have thought he’d done enough work and thought he could live off what he’d done for the rest of his sorry life spent craving attention, getting drunk and getting high. It seems to me that every time his employer challenged him about getting back to work to actually earn his money, he’d simply play the “I need to go into rehab to sort myself out” card.

Looking back at it all now, can people not see that all he was after from the Cleveland Browns was lots of guaranteed money and a desperate fanbase he could exploit emotionally to support him? That’s how I see it, but then again I guess I’m just a grumpy old git who’s out of touch with da yoof and the widespread desire to get rich instantly. Grumble, grumble, grumpy old git…

The Trade

The New England Patriots have agreed to give the Cleveland Browns a 2019 5th round draft pick in exchange for Josh Gordon. The Patriots are taking a risk with Gordon, and they know it, and as a result, the Browns have agreed to give them a 7th round pick back if Gordon fails to play in 10 games this year. I’d be writing that 7th rounder off right now, Mr Dorsey. I think the conditional 7th rounder part of the deal was also a kind of compensation as the deal was going to be a 6th round pick for Gordon instead of the 5th rounder but Patriots didn’t actually have one in 2019.

There’s no denying Josh Gordon’s God-given natural ability, but what good is that to the Cleveland Browns if the idiot spends all his time coming up with excuses not to play?

To get a 5th round pick for a person like Josh Gordon is a great bit of business by John Dorsey and his front office team. Josh Gordon played the Browns for everything he could get in exchange for doing as little work as he possibly could. He had no interest in working for the Browns so why the f**k would they keep him around? He played them for fools and this last little episode that now appears to me as though he may well have faked the hamstring injury to annoy his employer so much that they would release him shows exactly how little respect he has for the Browns and the team’s fans. He’s only interested in himself, folks. Stop idolising him, ffs, you’re making yourselves look silly.

I might be wrong in my thinking here but, if they had released him, he would have become a free agent, which would have meant a new employer would have had to offer him a new contract. That contract would have included guaranteed upfront money, which is all Gordon has been interested in getting his hands on! But because he has been traded instead of released, he has to play out the season on his current contract before negotiating again in the offseason. Is this correct? Obviously, the Patriots could just offer him a new contract now and he’ll get what he wants but I’d say they would be crazy to do that at this stage. Again, nice one Mr Dorsey for ridding the franchise of the cancer, getting something in return whilst keeping him locked into his current contract that means he actually has to work for a living (for a little while, anyway). I hope the Patriots don’t give him a new contract as he’ll have got what he wanted after taking the piss out of the Browns for all these years, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Belichick did, just to piss us Browns fans off.

Like I said, maybe I’m wrong with the whole contract thing, but that’s how I see it and I just think that someone like Gordon shouldn’t be having money thrown at him before he’s proven himself as a reliable employee.

After the way he’s treated the Browns all these years, right up until the very last moment of trying to get himself released, I find it absolutely baffling that many Browns fans are berating the franchise for finally running out of patience with the immature, attention seeking, messed up kid who’s only interested in himself and who is only motivated by two things – money and getting off his head.

Yes, Josh Gordon may well go to New England and play well, but SO WHAT!? He’s made it very clear that he isn’t interested in working for the Cleveland Browns so who gives a shit where he goes and how well he plays? He obviously wanted out of Cleveland and the Browns obviously wanted him out after he showed a complete lack of respect for them after they’d stood by him and his constant bullshit these past few years.

Expect to see Josh Gordon actually work and play well for a few weeks with the Pats and prepare yourself for Browns social media to be filled with Madden NFL-playing fans going apeshit and calling Dorsey many many rude names, HA HA! All will go quiet again once Gordon slips up and reverts to form.

I imagine it’ll be the same fans calling Dorsey out that believed getting a 2020 7th round pick for the other moron, Corey Coleman, was a bad deal. Nice to see the Bills released him (after realising what they’d got) not long after that deal was done and the Patriots also released him to make room for Gordon. Get a grip and let’s move on!

Ok, back to the circus that is Browns social media to have a laugh at what people are ‘discussing’.