Just before going to bed last night I thought I’d check Twitter one more time to see if anything was happening in the soap opera world that is the NFL. You better believe something was happening. The highly rated OC of the New England Patriots, who had agreed to terms with the Indianapolis Colts a few weeks earlier to become their new head coach, had decided he didn’t want the job anymore and told them he was backing out of their agreement!

WOW! This is incredible considering how far the process had gone even though an official announcement and contract signing hadn’t been allowed by NFL rules until the Patriots had finished their season after the Super Bowl.

The reason McDaniels’ people are giving for his sudden U-turn is that he’s thinking about his family and what’s best for them right now. That’s commendable until you stop to think about the families of the people McDaniels had offered jobs to as his assistants — I’m sure they’ve already started the process of uprooting themselves from where ever they’ve been recently. According to reports, the Colts are said to be willing to allow those assistants to still come and have jobs with them, but who knows what will happen when they finally get their head coach in place, it’s highly likely he’ll want his own people with him. These NFL franchises aren’t strapped for cash and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Colts honour any contracts they’ve agreed with these assistants by paying them in full or at least a compensation amount — not that they should have to all because of the selfishness of McDaniels…wow, what a mess.

The whole family thing is clearly a front and a bunch of BS, the real reason will be because, after a couple of days of talks with the Patriots franchise, Josh McDaniels will have been offered the head coaching job there once the brilliant Bill Belichick decides to retire.

Personally, I think that when Belichick retires, Brady retires also as do many of the other players, including the likes of Rob Gronkowski who is already considering his future in the game. I foresee a collapse from greatness for the team and it’s going to be a massive test of character and ability for McDaniels to keep/return them to the heights the franchise and fanbase are used to.

Let’s be honest, McDaniels hasn’t really achieved anything outside of his time under the protection of Brady and Belichick, and that’s the only reason I was intrigued by his finally accepting another head coaching position — to see if he is any good or not.

His time in Denver as the Broncos head coach (for less than two seasons) saw him go 8-8 in his first season and just miss the playoffs, then go 3-9 in his second season before being fired under a cloud of accusations of cheating after his video operations director was accused of(and basically admitted to) videotaping a walk-through practice of the San Francisco 49ers before the teams’ game in London that year. This happened in his second season as Broncos HC, but he had controversy during his first year there, too. The controversy was with regards to an attempted trade deal that involved their QB Jay Cutler going to New England in return for career backup Matt Cassel. When it didn’t happen, Cutler was pissed about it and the fact that McDaniels’ Broncos tried to deny they’d attempted to trade him. Cutler was soon traded to the Bears after the bridges between him, McDaniels and the Broncos had been well and truly burned down.

I must admit that I used to think Josh McDaniels was just a good offensive coordinator and that’s why he’s been linked with a few HC jobs for the past few seasons. But, after doing a little research on him this morning, I’m not convinced he’s HC material and I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s thinking the same (well, not outside the comforts of New England, anyway).

I think he’s done right for himself but I’d be really pissed off with him if I were the Colts or one of the coaches who’d uprooted himself and his family to go work for McDaniels. I wouldn’t have the nerve to take the proceedings as far as he did and then pull out this late. Kinda smacks of a selfish person who’s only interested in themselves. I’d be embarrassed but I’m guessing McDaniels doesn’t have the same morals as a lot of us.

Oh yeah, it’s worth noting as well that reports have also come out that “Once in a generation” QB, Andrew Luck of the Colts is still suffering from the shoulder injury that kept him out for the 2017 season. It’s reported that he may need further surgery which could mean him missing the 2018 season as well. I’d bet this played a part in McDaniels’ decision to remain in New England as OC.

I’m calling it now, 2018 is a season where Bill Belichick helps Josh McDaniels transition into the HC chair in New England and we see him take the reins from Belichick before the start of the 2019 season. I know, I’m like Mystic Meg, right?

What do the Colts do now?

At the start of the head coach carousel this year, the Colts were in the running for all the other big name coaches out there just the same as all the other teams. Because of McDaniels actions, the Colts have missed out on those big names. Again, I’d be embarrassed if I were McDaniels.

I’ve seen reports this morning that the franchise had taken some precautions in case this happened and have three names left on their list of people to interview for their vacant HC position. Whose names they are, I have don’t know, but time will reveal all.

They are said to be happy for the assistants to still come and work for them that McDaniels had chosen, but I’m not sure how much any potential HC will like having his staff picked for him.

It’s certainly a mess of a situation and one with which McDaniels should be embarrassed. I understand that he’s thinking about getting the best for himself and it appears pretty obvious that he’s desperate for the Patriots HC job considering how many people’s lives he’s messing with.

I used to be intrigued by how well or badly he and Matt Patricia would do away from the security of Belichick and the Patriots organisation but, to be honest, McDaniels has gone right down in my estimations now and I think he’s just started the next generation of hatred towards the franchise when he finally takes over as their head coach.

Title Image: (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)