New Cleveland Browns GM John Dorsey had been in the building for five minutes and was making moves that most (if not all) of us Cleveland Browns fans wanted to see. One of the moves was to drop failing quarterback Cody Kessler to number three on the depth chart after he has consistently shown that he just isn’t very good in the NFL, but the bigger move was to cut old ‘stone hands’ Britt from the team.

Both of these players were brought into the organisation, it would seem, by the now departed GM Sashi Brown. Head coach Hue Jackson made all the right noises in the media with regards to these two players but it was clear to some that Sashi Brown was the one who’d lumbered Hue Jackson with them.

Cody Kessler was taken in the third round of the 2016 NFL draft and would appear to have been given every opportunity by Jackson to become ‘the guy’ in Cleveland. Hue even went as far as to say “Trust me” when asked about taking Kessler so high when seemingly better players were still on the board. I bet he regrets that now, especially if he wasn’t really his pick as people seem to think, but I suppose you can’t knock his loyalty.

With Kessler’s demotion to third on the chart, it is Kevin Hogan who gets the promotion to second-string again. Hogan is a player I actually like and think is a decent backup in the NFL. I’ve now come to realise he ain’t no starter, but I think he brings a lot to the game as a backup when he’s needed. Kevin Hogan was actually drafted by new Browns GM John Dorsey in the fifth round of the 2016 NFL draft (the same one as Kessler) when he was at the Kansas City Chiefs. Is this the first sign that Hue Jackson and John Dorsey are on the same page with the way this organisation’s team should be built for the future?

If it is, the second indication could be the getting rid of old ‘Stone Hands’. It was Sashi Brown who handed WR Kenny Britt a four year $32.5 million contract at the start of the 2017 season only to see his production plummet from some previous seasons (although a quick look at his stats over the years shows he wasn’t worth the contract his was given, in my opinion). It was during the preseason that Hue Jackson took Britt aside and told him he wanted him to step up and be the leader of the young wide receivers unit they had. Instead of doing so, Britt’s production was just plain bad with a bad attitude thrown in and even seemingly leading one of the younger WR’s (former first-round selection, Corey Coleman) astray by missing curfew. Admittedly this is speculation on my part but would appear to be a possibility as Coleman is still on the team and indeed starting at WR, now that his hand has healed, and Britt is gone.

This could indeed be a statement by Dorsey that he is with his head coach and backing him all the way. It had seemed apparent that there was a huge rift between the front office and coaching staff within the Browns’ organisation and at some point something had to give. It was always going to be Hue or Sashi that got the push and now we know which.

Kenny Britt shouldn’t be felt sorry for as he’s been given $10.5 million for his bad attitude and poor performance at work. What other careers can you think of, that aren’t sports, where you get made incredibly rich for acting like that and getting the sack? Sports make so much money it makes this possible…it’s crazy!

Personally, I’m glad to see the back of Britt as he was obviously not a Hue pickup and would appear to not be very interested in his career seeing as he’s already a rich man. His agent wouldn’t appear to act any more mature as he tried trolling Hue Jackson after the loss to Green Bay after Britt’s departure from the team.

I’m sure this is all to get himself known, as is the way with social media, but to me, he just looks ridiculous, immature and really not very professional. Maybe I’m just getting old and don’t know how to play the game these days.

Hue Jackson did pretty much shut him down by responding that he’s not bothered and doesn’t get involved in that kind of thing:

I don’t know much about those things. I have heard about it, but did I see it? No. I’m not going to get caught up in those things. At the end of the day, we felt it was better for us to just move in another direction. People are not going to like that. People are going to say what they want to say. People are entitled in this damn world to say whatever they want. It doesn’t mean they are right. It doesn’t mean they are right at all

I don’t want to go back. Kenny is now not here. I think what is most important for us to focus on is where we are headed now

Well done Hue, let the kids play their silly Twitter bitching games and you concentrate on your job. I like it.

So, is this the beginning of a new successful era for the Cleveland Browns or just yet another reboot? Time will tell and people do say that with a new GM comes a new head coach and new QB. So far I know that I’m happy with the two moves John Dorsey has made and the message he has put out by doing so.

Title image credit: Kim Klement/USA TODAY Sports