LA Rams’ New Home Uniform

So here it is, finally. After all the buzz and seemingly everyone and their dog jumping on the news that the LA Rams will be changing their helmet design for the 2017 NFL season, the team has today revealed the full uniform design that they’ll wear during their home games at the LA Memorial Coliseum through the 2017 season.

LA Rams’ 2017 uniform:

LA Rams 2017 home uniform

The new look isn’t actually some completely drastic new idea from the LA Rams’ marketing division and is instead:

“A modern nod back to the team’s history in the Coliseum and in Los Angeles” –

What they’re referring to is the period of time in LA Rams history spanning from 1964-72 when the team wore the white uniforms as their home uniform instead of the darker coloured kit that teams usually wear for home games. They were pretty much all-white kits with a few blue stripes on the jersey and pants with a blue section at the top of the socks.

The team of that mid-60’s to early-70’s is probably best remembered for their defensive line known as the “Fearsome Foursome” and their quarterback Roman Gabriel. The “Fearsome Foursome” consisted of four defensive linemen who dominated opposing offensive lines. They were Merlin Olsen, Rosey Grier, Deacon Jones and Lamar Lundy.

LA Rams' Fearsome Foursome

The team were very popular during this era and they passed 1 million spectators in a season during the 1967 campaign. During that season they would win their division with an 11-1-2 regular-season record but be eliminated by the Green Bay Packers from the playoffs at the Conference Championship Game stage. A year later, in 1968, they would pass the 1 million supporters mark again.

The teams only other playoff run during this 1964-72 blue and white uniform wearing period was in 1969 when they again won their division, this time with an 11-3 record, but were eliminated from the playoffs at the first stage, this time by the Minnesota Vikings, 23-20.

For me, the Rams’ best period of success came between 1973-89 after ownership had changed hands and they went from strength to strength and won their NFC West division many times and went to the playoffs even more.

But I digress……so, back to this 2017 change.

The team have also, obviously, changed the logo slightly to match the new uniform. They have simply removed the gold colour from it and replaced with white. This is mainly to the rams’ horns but can be noticed on the outline of the image.

Navy and gold St. Louis/LA Rams logo.
LA Rams logo for 2017 with white horns.

They have left the jerseys alone for now, which I personally think is a good thing. Yes, it looks a little wrong to have the gold bits on there whilst the rest of the uniform is a basic blue and white combination, but I think they’ve taken their fans into account whilst making this change. Imagine all those folks out there who’ve shelled out a lot of money on their replica jerseys so they can support their newly located back in LA team only to have them be redundant after one season. I for one wouldn’t be happy that’s for sure. I was actually going to buy a Rams jersey for the 2017 NFL London game but I’ll not bother now. My decision is based on the fact that I’ve read, a couple of times now, that in 2019 when the franchise moves into its new $2.6 billion home they are going to have quite the rebranding session. This will include another uniform design. To what degree I have no idea but it’s enough of a heads-up for me to hold off buying any more of their merchandise for a while. Considering they’re not my team I’d say I’ve given them enough of my money already anyways.

I also read somewhere that the franchise isn’t actually allowed to change their jersey design until the 2019 relocation anyway – but this was just a random’s reply in a thread somewhere so I’ll not regard it as a reliable source.

Fans Had Their Say

The LA Rams also used the power of social media to allow the fans to have their say with regards to changes. I noticed on Twitter and Facebook that they were running polls that allowed us football fans to vote on whether they went with blue or white facemasks on their helmets and whether they had a single or double vertical stripe design down the outside of their pants. Over the course of 48 hours, they had over 90,000 votes with the white facemask and single stripe designs winning out.

This could be because the original facemask of the 1964-72 era was grey and the pants had a single stripe. Or, it could just be because people thought they looked better (I certainly think the white facemask does) and they didn’t want to look like they were wearing Indianapolis Colts pants.

QB Roman Gabriel during his time with the Rams

What do you think?

So, now that you’ve seen the new home uniform of the LA Rams for the 2017 NFL season, what do you think? Do you like it or hate it? Do you think they are right to make a kit change at this stage or should they just have waited until their big rebrand in 2019 when they move to their new home? Or, as I’ve seen a few people mention, would you prefer them to revert back to the bright blue and yellow uniforms of the Eric Dickerson era?

I personally love the blue and white uniforms that the team wore back in the day and am delighted that they’ve brought it back for their time back in their original Los Angeles stadium. I hope that they stick with these colours in 2019 when they get their new look and stadium move, but I can’t help thinking that they’ll go back to the bright blue/yellow combination or maybe even a completely new design.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see the team playing on the Twickenham pitch against the Arizona Cardinals during their NFL London 2017 regular-season matchup. They should be wearing this new white uniform as they are the ‘home’ team for that game.