Minnesota Vikings’ Stadium

U.S. Bank Stadium has been the home of the Minnesota Vikings since it’s opening on July 22, 2016. The franchise owners originally wanted an outdoor stadium but could only get government funding for an indoor facility.

Its glazed roof is the largest of it’s kind in North America. It’s sloped design is for more than just show and to create sharp, angular looks. It is also to allow it to safely handle large amounts of snow that the area sees often. This amount of snowfall was largely to blame for the roof collapse that occurred to the team’s previous home, the Metrodome, and helped seal it’s fate of demolition.

Minnesota Vikings' old stadium, Metrodome, after snow build-up caused roof to collapse.
Interior of the Metrodome after a snow build-up caused a rip and the collapse of the roof.

Back to the US Bank Stadium’s roof – the snow slides down the slanted roof and into guttering which is heated. This melts the snow which then runs off it and into the Mississippi River which flows nearby.

Much of the structure’s roof and walls areas are glass in an attempt to create that outdoor feel, that the owners originally wanted, but with the comfort of a temperature-controlled indoor space. It makes sense to have such a nice indoor facility considering the location of Minnesota and the weather conditions it is subjected to at various times of the year.

The US Bank Stadium is built on the site of the now demolished Metrodome – the previous home of the Minnesota Vikings. It cost in the region of $1.1 billion and has roughly twice the footprint of the old stadium. It has a capacity of 66,665, but this can be increased to over 70,000 for larger one-off events such as the Super Bowl. Speaking of the big game, the US Bank Stadium will play host to Super Bowl LII (52) on February 4, 2018.

Another plus that the stadium can boast about is the fact that the stands sit closer to the on-field action than any other NFL stadium. They are just 41 feet from action which allows for some great viewing as well as creating a fantastic atmosphere on gameday.

Inside of US Bank Stadium, the home of the Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings Logo and Uniform

The Vikings have had the same primary logos since the team’s first season in 1961. The on-field logo that appears on the helmets is that of a white horn. There is a single white horn on either side of the helmets.

The other most often used logo is a male Viking head in profile. This logo has also remained largely the same since the creation of the team.

Today's Minnesota Vikings logos

The Viking’s head logo started out in 1961 with yellow hair, helmet and horns but this was changed slightly in 1966 when more colour was added. The Viking’s beard was coloured yellow and the face was given a skin colour instead of them both being left white. A purple band was also added to the base of the helmet as well as the horns getting a makeover and a change of colour from yellow to white in order to make the white horns on the player’s game helmets.

The logo was left alone again for a few decades, right up until 2013 when it was tweaked once again. This time the shading, moustache, helmet horns were all brought up to date along with sharper edges and colours. The horns on the helmet of the Viking now exactly match those that appear on game days on the player’s helmets as can be seen in the image above. Oh yeah, and he’s had a bit of a haircut as his braided hair is now slightly shorter.

Original Minnesota Vikings logo
Latest two Minnesota Vikings Logos

Why Do the Vikings Wear Purple and Yellow?

The colour of purple wasn’t chosen in relation to the franchise’s nickname but instead was simply because they wanted to make a statement. They chose purple to accomplish this as it was loud and got your attention, as well as no other teams in the NFL wore that colour. The yellow, however, is more in relation to the Viking thing as it is a nod to the area’s Scandinavian heritage.

All in all, things are looking bright for the Minnesota Vikings with their gorgeous new facility and new found on-field success with their solid defense and oh-so-close-to-success offense.  It’s certainly going to be a tough ask for my Cleveland Browns to beat the Vikings at Twickenham during their NFL London 2017 game, but I sure as hell am looking forward to it as I like the Vikings too.