Each year the NFL allocates a certain number of game tickets to the teams that are involved in those games for players and employees and their families. Not all of these tickets get used and as a result, we fans get a chance to scramble for them once the team(s) have returned them.

The first game of the 2017 NFL London games is between the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars and it was announced today that the team returned tickets for this game will go on sale to the public at 10am on Thursday 7th September.

They will be available through the official channel of Ticketmaster

The game will be played at Wembley Stadium on Sunday, September 24th and will kick off at 2:30pm UK time.

It’s not been announced exactly how many tickets have been returned and will be available so I guess it’ll be the same old affair of having to sit in a queue on the phone or internet and hope you’re lucky enough to get one/some. No information on costs of these tickets has been announced either, but all should be revealed on Thursday 7th September at 10am.

More tickets will be made available for the other three NFL London 2017 games as they are returned by the teams involved, as has been done for this one. It will be announced at some stage of the week beginning Monday 11th September (next week) when the team returned tickets for the next game in the series, the New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins, will go on sale to us fans.

It should then follow that the team returned tickets for the Twickenham games, which are the third and fourth games in the NFL London series, will have their available for sale dates announced at some stage thereafter.

So, for now, if you’re a Ravens or Jaguars fan or have decided you’d like to go to Wembley Stadium to watch this game now that the excitement of the start of the NFL regular season is here, I suggest you clear time in your day tomorrow at just before 10am and get yourself over to Ticketmaster and into the process for your tickets!

Don’t forget, though, if you fail to get any of these tickets or the team returned ones for any of the other three NFL London 2017 games, you can always head on over to GetMeIn or StubHub and purchase tickets there. These are the ticket market places where people who can no longer make the event sell the tickets they purchased earlier.

Contrary to popular belief, you can actually find some reasonably priced event tickets on these sites, especially closer to the event date, as people look to recoup their money after other commitments get in the way of their event plans.

To find out more, you can head over to the page I did on this or go straight to one/both of the sites.

NFL London Tickets GetMeIn
NFL London Tickets StubHub

Be sure to keep checking back with NFLFan.uk as I’ll keep you updated as to when the extra tickets go on sale for the other games as well.

Come on, let’s get those stadiums filled and create a great atmosphere!