As the NFL London games get closer and closer more tickets become available to buy for people wanting more or for those who missed out originally. As well as the hundreds that already for sale via the ticket marketplaces of StubHub and GetMeIn, we now have Ticketmaster putting some individual tickets up for sale.

These tickets are the ones that have been returned by the teams involved in the games and are being rolled out to us fans slowly and in order of when the games are being played within the series.

Last week it was revealed that more tickets were being made available for the first game in the series between the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars. This week we will be able to get our hands on a limited amount of New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins tickets which is also to be played at Wembley Stadium this year.

The Saints v Dolphins game will be played on October 1st, kicking off at 2:30pm UK time, and these extra tickets will be available from 10am on Tuesday 12th September.

Ignore what the NFLUK website’s headline says as the tickets will be available from 10am and not 10pm as they state – they also say that there will be two games at Wembley in September and two at Twickenham in October when there’s actually three games in October. A bit pedantic I know but, hey, they are supposed to be the official people to go to over here in the UK for this info and yet they far too often show a lack of effort and organisation when it comes to informing us UK fans! For far too long now I’ve felt they need better people in charge down there.

Right, stop ranting and get back to the tickets thing.

As usual, the place to get these extra tickets is the official ticket outlet for the games at Ticketmaster. They still have the hospitality packages available but they are very expensive and I imagine most of us are just there for the beer, game and banter in and around the stadium on gameday, right? If so, get over to the Ticketmaster website and get yourself sorted.

If these tickets are going to be anything like the extra Jaguars/Ravens ones I’d say don’t worry about getting there bang on 10am to get some. At the time of writing this, the Jags ones have been on sale for a week and there are still some available. You don’t need me to tell you this but, obviously, the sooner you do get some the better choice you will have and the better chance of getting some next to each other.

If you’re after tickets for the Jaguars/Ravens game, try here as I did a post on it earlier.

Good luck and see you at the game!