Now that the 2017/18 NFL season is upon us I get the urge to go out and spend my money on yet more team apparel. One thing I do like wearing is a baseball cap which is why I like visiting the New Era online shop so often.

This year’s official NFL sideline cap design has been released ahead of the season and I’ve just decided I might be in the market for one.

Now, I’m knocking on a bit and am perhaps getting a little more cynical in my old age and because of that, I don’t really see much difference in the cap design from other years. I don’t suppose they can change much really as the design of a 39THIRTY or a 9FIFTY is what makes it what it is and the same goes for the 59FIFTY. The big change, as usual, is to the visor. This year they are sporting the “Flyweave” look, which is what I’m not too sure about if I’m honest. Like I say, I’m knocking on a bit and the design looks a bit bright and “bling” to me.

Anyway, whether I go for one or not I’m sure you couldn’t care less about so let’s just have a look at the new designs, shall we?

Minnesota Vikings 59FIFTY cap
New Orleans Saints 39THIRTY cap
Cleveland Browns 9FIFTY cap

New Era 39THIRTY Cap

The 39THIRTY is a stretch fit cap with contoured “Hex Era®” crown and these are in the teams’ main colours. The visor of this design is curved which is what I prefer as the straight visor of the 59FIFTY cuts into my forehead and I’m built more for comfort these days rather than style. The visor is in what New Era are calling “Flyweave” and is also in the teams’ colours.

The caps aren’t exactly cheap but they are of a good quality and that is illustrated clearing in the fact that the team logos on the front are embroidered instead of some cheap nasty printed thing. The rest of the cap is well made but this is one of the things I really like about their caps – the way they stand out from the cap and really ‘pop’.

They all sport the New Era flag logo to the left side and this is also embroidered in a contrasting colour to the crown of the cap.

The top button is also in a contrasting colour but not necessarily the same one as the New Era logo.

If I do end up getting myself a 2017/18 NFL cap I think the 39THIRTY is what I’d go for as they seem to me to be the most comfortable and not too “loud”. (Old git alert).

New Era 59FIFTY Cap

The 59FIFTY is also a fitted cap with no rear snap strap to adjust the size and has what they describe as a “High structured Hex Era® crown” which is in team colour.

The visor is the usual flat design as opposed to the more comfortable (in my opinion) curved design of the 39THIRTY and it sporting the “Flyweave” design which is also a combination of the team’s colours.

The quality embroidered logo is in team colours on the front of the cap as per the 39THIRTY and 9FIFTY.

The New Era logo is on the left side of the cap and the top button is of contrasting team colour.

These look a bigger cap with a bigger visor to the more subtle 39THIRTY.

9FIFTY Snapback

The final style of 2017/18 NFL New Era sideline cap is the 9FIFTY version. This is kinda like the 59FIFTY with its flat “Flyweave” visor design and tall angled crown.

The biggest differences with these caps are the facts that, instead of a fitted design, they have the adjustable popper strap at the rear allowing you to adjust the size to fit more comfortably. This, for me, eliminates the visor cutting into the forehead issue I have with the 59FIFTY.

For this year, the 9FIFTYs come in the brighter team colours as opposed to the 59FIFTY so if you really want to stand out then perhaps this is the one to go for.

I do like the 9FIFTY more than the 59FIFTY as they seem to suit having the visor bent slightly as well as I think they are not quite as wide. I could be wrong but there’s definitely something about them that lends themselves to looking better when you do that.

As with all these designs, they are 100% polyester knit and have the New Era logo on the left side and NFL logo on the rear with the embroidered team coloured logo to the front.

I’m sure I’ll be getting myself one or more of this years NFL sideline cap and one will definitely be the 39THIRTY. If/when I buy more I’ll most likely go for the 9FIFTY as they look good but don’t sacrifice the comfort to do so like the 59FIFTY does.


Go on treat yourself! Head on over to the New Era shop now and get yourself kitted out with your team’s new cap design!