For 2017 we have a few new Twitter emoji hashtags for our favourite teams. With this update, all 32 teams are represented with an emoji hashtag of their own and a few teams have had theirs updated.

Some have had the actual text changed that you’ll have to type in and some have had the image changed that will appear upon typing in the hashtag.

Some of the ones I’ve noticed having a new hashtag are; Atlanta is now #InBrotherhood as opposed to #RiseUp, Bengals are now #Bengals50 instead of #WhoDey as a nod to their 50th anniversary, Jets are #Jets instead of #JetUp and my Cleveland Browns are now simply #Browns instead of #DawgPound. There are many others but a quick look at the image below will let you know if your team has had theirs changed.

Changes to the image that will be displayed have also been updated on some of the teams. Some examples of this happening are; my Browns have changed from the helmet logo to look of the stripe over the helmet (which I love btw), LA Rams have their new ram’s head with white horns and the Vikings have their logo back.

The one that stands out to me and has been having the piss taken out of it on social media is the Seattle Seahawks hashtag. It’s supposed to be the Seahawk’s head from the front but many people have been commenting that it’s more like Mr. Burns from the Simpsons, an emu or even Sam Eagle from the Muppets!

Anyway, make sure you’re up-to-date with your NFL emoji hashtags going forward into the 2017 NFL season, and to keep you up-to-date, check out the image below for reference of all 32 teams’ new hashtags.

NFL team emoji hashtags

Now that all 32 teams are represented, there’s no excuse not to be representing your team with them when banging on about how great they are or bitching about something that’s happened. 😉