New Orleans Saints Logo and Uniform

The current colours of the New Orleans Saints aren’t the colours that were intended for the team when it was founded. Original owner and founder, John W. Mecon Jr, wanted his new team to wear his ‘Mecom Blue’ that his other businesses used. The NFL ruled against this idea, however, stating that it would too closely resemble the AFL’s San Diego Chargers uniforms of the day, and because the AFL-NFL merger was on the horizon it was thought best not to potentially upset anyone with a uniform clash.

Chargers' original colours. Original kit had numbers on sides of helmets also.

As well as owning the New Orleans Saints, John W. Mecom Jr had financial investments in the oil industry of the region and so settled on black and gold as a way of representing the “Black Gold” often associated with the precious resource.

This black and gold uniform has remained largely the same since its introduction in 1967 apart from the odd stripe changes and varying logo design modifications on the sides of the arms and legs – as can be seen in the title image.

New Orleans Saints logo
New Orleans Saints uniform

The logo is a Fleur-de-Lis, which is the symbol of the city of New Orleans and of the French royal family.

No matter the slight changes to the kit, the team has always worn a gold helmet apart from in the 1969 preseason when they wore black helmets. These then weren’t allowed by the NFL commissioner of the time, Pete Rozelle, as the team failed to notify the league of the change.

New Orleans Saints black helmet worn in the 1969 pre-season.

New Orleans Saints Stadium

The New Orleans Saints play their home games in the stadium known as the Superdome. It used to be called the Louisiana Superdome but has since had the naming rights bought by the car manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, and is therefore currently known as the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.

As the name suggests, this is an indoor domed sporting venue located in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was opened for use back in 1975 and is still in full use today as one of the largest fixed dome structures in the world.

The Mercedes-Benz Superdome is a popular place as it sees plenty of capacity crowds when the Saints are playing but it has also played host to seven Super Bowls. The first one being Super Bowl XII (12) in 1978 and the latest being Super Bowl XLVII (47) in 2013.

It currently has a capacity of 73,208 for football games but this can be expanded to 76,468 for larger games if needed.

The stadium is famous due to the big name teams that play their home games there as well as its location in one of the USA’s top tourist destinations and for hosting many top sports events, but in 2005 it hit the headlines for completely different reasons. 2005 was when hurricane Katrina devastated the city and the Gulf Coast region of the country. The Superdome was badly damaged but managed to serve as a hub and shelter for the many many people affected by Katrina.

There were rumours that the current Saints owner of the time, Tom Benson, was going to use the damage to the Superdome as an excuse to get out of his contract on it and move the franchise to San Antonio, claiming the stadium was unusable. If this move had happened it would have allowed him to be closer to his other business interests.

New Orleans Saints Superdome during and after hurricane Katrina.

This didn’t happen, however, and after a $185 million renovation project, the Superdome continues to play host to the New Orleans Saints and their home games.

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