Due to the ever increasing volatility of the world in which we live and with what would appear to be an ever increasingly aggressive and opinionated society, the NFL has decided to announce its bag policy plans to help keep the NFL London game-going fans that little bit safer.

I’ve been going to the NFL London games for a few years now and this bag policy has always been in effect but, in my opinion, not strictly adhered to. At a few of the games I’ve been to, I’ve seen people coming into the stadiums with rucksacks or none-clear shoulder bags. I assume these bags were searched but it can still be a cause to look twice at the person carrying it – such a wonderful world we live in right now, huh?

Due to the increased threat of terrorism the city of London has seen in recent times and, most probably, because these games are American, the officials have now issued the warning that their bag policy will now be enforced 100%!

In general, the policy states that only clear bags or small shoulder bags or clutch bags will be allowed into the stadium and could very likely be subject to a search. If you have a larger bag, I wouldn’t bother now to be honest.

There will be exceptions to the rule but you will have to contact the relevant stadium prior to your visit. It might be that you have a medical condition that requires medication or equipment to regulate and if this is the case you will have to bring along some form of proof of your condition.

The best way to contact the stadium you will be visiting is:

Wembley Stadium Support Page

Twickenham Stadium Phone: 020 8831 6589

The images below will give you a good idea of what you can and can’t bring to the game(s) in this and future years.

NFL Bag Policy Approved Bags
NFL Bag Policy Non-approved bags

To get your NFL clear bag, you can go to the NFL Shop Europe now and pick one up for a fiver.

Staying in London for the Weekend?

If like me, you like to stay in London for the weekend of these NFL games, then you’re very likely to have much larger bags than will be allowed in the stadiums.

We’ve had this issue when we thought that the bag policy was going to be enforced 100% so had to look for somewhere to store our bags during the game. There are many places available to store your bags and they can be easily found with a quick internet search. Personally, we found the service provided by Victoria Coach Station to be the cheapest and we’ll be using them again for sure. I’d leave enough time before and after the game to go and get them as the walk from the tube station can take a bit of time and it’s in central London away from the stadiums. We also had to queue for a time as there was no pre-booking and express queue.

Like I say, a quick internet search will show you that there are plenty of places signed up to the hub companies willing to take in your bags from large hotels to little corner shops. Some of these are closer to the stadiums, but it depends on how much you want to pay and how far you want to carry your bags. As I said, Victoria Coach Station was the cheapest we found and is in central London where many people will be making their way back to in order to get home anyway.

I don’t know about you, but I’m all for the increased security measures these days. With everything that’s going on in the world these days and the sheer number of media outlets telling us what’s going on, I was upset but not surprised when my 12-year-old daughter got emotional about having to make a decision as to whether she was going to come with me to watch her favourite NFL team, the Miami Dolphins, at Wembley this year. I was angry that the bad stuff in the world has had this effect on her so if we have to go through this extra precaution to enable us to carry on enjoying big public events like this then I’m all for it and I hope you are as well.