The 2018 NFL draft combine is upon us and will run from March 2nd – 5th in its usual location of the Indianapolis Colts; Lucas Oil Stadium, Indiana.

Personally, I do enjoy watching the combine and listening to Mike Mayock analyse the players whilst trying not to get involved in all the extra media crap that’s going on around him in a way that tells me he really isn’t interested in all that attention-grabbing crap — you and me both Mr Mayock.

Like I say, I like the combine and watch it from start to finish each year simply because I’m interested in who I’ll be watching in future years and to educate myself a little more about the NFL and its players, but I can imagine the fantasy players out there lose their shit over this and the draft as that’s the only interesting part of fantasy, right? The drafting, I mean.

LOL, ok, calm down fantasy players, that’s just me jesting but you know what they say, “Many a true word is said in jest”, and I must say that I quickly lose interest in the fantasy leagues I enter once the draft is done.

Anyway, why the hell am I banging on about fantasy football?

From Friday 2nd March, we can look forward to four days of NFL combine workouts with different positional groups taking to the field on different days.

  • Friday 2nd March — Running Backs, Offensive Line and Special Teams
  • Saturday 3rd March — Quarterbacks, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends
  • Sunday 4th March — Defensive Line and Linebackers
  • Monday 5th March — Defensive Backs

The workouts start at 9am Eastern each day, so that’s 2pm UK time with replays later on in the day.

I have no idea how much of the combine is being shown on Sky Sports (if you know, please let us know in the comments) as I haven’t watched the NFL on there for years but I do know that the Combine is on pretty much constantly on good ol’ Gamepass and the build-up to it is already in full flow via the brilliant NFL Network.

So, grab your device and settle in for the 2018 NFL Combine as we get to see and discuss the future of the NFL and how they perform in such tests as the 40-yard dash, bench press, vertical and horizontal jumps and all the other intriguing workouts they go through. Then, take to social media with your opinions as we all inevitably always do.

Seeya there! 😉

Title image source: Getty Images