Day two of the 2018 NFL draft saw rounds two and three play-out in Dallas, Texas.

It was the Cleveland Browns who had picks 1, 3 and 32 (33rd, 35th and 64th overall) but would only use the higher of the three before trading back a few spots into the third round when they gave the Indianapolis Colts the 64th overall pick. It looks like the Browns picked up the Colts 6th-rounder as compensation for the drop from 64th to 67th (I’d fallen asleep at this stage if I’m honest).

So, who did the Browns take in rounds 2 and 3 of the 2018 NFL draft:

#33 | Austin Corbett | OL | Nevada

Ok, I’ve classed him as an OL rather than give him a specific position along the offensive line. This is because he played at LT in college but he’s projected to be an OG or C in the pro game.

Mike Mayock said that he’s one of the cleanest players in the draft and plays with a nasty edge (don’t all offensive linemen?) and went from being a walk-on to three-time captain. This is a typical pick by John Dorsey as he builds a team of hard-working men who have had to work their butts off to get to where they are today — gritty young men who haven’t had success handed to them on a plate.

Honestly, I’m a little confused by this even though he does look like he has the potential to become a very good player. After Joe Thomas’s retirement, I believe we are in desperate need of a starting-calibre left tackle. Shon Coleman is getting first shot at it, but I’m not comfortable with him there. Austin Corbett is projected to be a good OG or C but it has been stated that his size and length could be of concern if he were to be an OT in the NFL.

Basically, what I’m saying is that we need an LT first of all on the offensive line but Austin Corbett seems to me to be a versatile interior offensive lineman who can jump in at guard or centre should the need arise. I’ve seen him compared to Jon Greco who was also a very good guy to have on your roster due to his versatility.

Austin Corbett Offensive Lineman Cleveland Browns

A part of me is wondering if the team is happy to stick with Shon Coleman at LT this year and address it high in the 2019 off-season if he doesn’t pan-out and use Austin Corbett to challenge for the centre job with J.C. Tretter in 2018.

I’m not really sure but he just seems more like an interior offensive lineman that tackle. Time will tell and I’ll just have to trust the guys in place in the front office and coaching staff. Maybe they just wanted to get their top target with regards to offensive linemen and pounced at the top of the second to get their guy.

Like I said, he’s played at LT in college for four seasons so he knows his way around the position and he spent the off-season training with Cleveland Browns OG Joel Bitonio who he could well be about to line-up next to if they do indeed play him at LT.

#35 | Nick Chubb | RB | Georgia

Nick Chubb was an exceptional player before he suffered a very serious left knee injury in 2015 on the first play from scrimmage in a game against Tennessee. The injury saw three ligaments in the knee get torn…ouch!

It was this serious injury that will have been putting some teams off taking Chubb high in the draft but the Cleveland Browns took him with the 3rd pick of the second round (35th overall).

Nick Chubb Cleveland Browns

Nick Chubb is a powerful running back who could be put into the same category as the other newly acquired running back in Cleveland, Carlos Hyde. I expect the two will share time as the two-down back on 1st and 2nd down with Duke Johnson coming in on 3rd downs.

Carlos Hyde has the experience over Chubb but he is pretty awful in the passing game as he doesn’t seem to be able to catch and appears to have zero interest in blocking (or he just isn’t good at it). This could be what sees Hyde bought out of his 3-year contract at the end of 2018 with Chubb taking over as the two-down guy. I see a similar situation to the one that was in Tennessee with DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry which has seen Henry develop into the starter he is projected to be in 2018.

People have said that Chubb can’t catch either but I’d have to say that isn’t true. I’m no expert and haven’t watched hours of film on him, but from what I have seen, he seems to be able to catch just fine. Once he has a season’s NFL experience, I foresee Nick Chubb being a superb addition to the Browns and taking over from Hyde as the starting RB.

Chubb has a powerful looking build and showed it off at the combine where he matched the “once in a generation” Saquon Barkley with 29 reps at the bench press.

I really like this pick as I had Sony Michel and Nick Chubb as the two running backs I’d have liked the Browns to pick if/when they missed out on Saquon Barkley. If I’m being honest, I think I’d have prefered Sony Michel simply because he hasn’t had the serious knee injury, but Nick Chubb showed last season that he looks to be back to his old fantastic self as an RB so I’m very excited to see him as a Brown. He looks to be a huge upgrade to Isaiah Crowell as a starting RB. I just hope that left knee doesn’t become an issue at any stage throughout his career.

#67 | Chad Thomas | DE/Edge | Miami

The Browns traded out of the backend of the second round when they gave up the 64th overall pick they’d acquired from the Eagles to the Indianapolis Colts who went for DE Tyquan Lewis.

The Browns ended up with the 67th overall pick and the Colts pick in the 6th round and with this pick in the 3rd-round they selected DE Chad Thomas out of Miami.

Chad Thomas Cleveland Browns

Thomas is a powerful defensive lineman and one who could be used from various positions on the defensive line in Greg Williams’ aggressive style of defensive play.

He’s got good size and strength and uses that more than any kind of silky skills to get the job done in games. It looks like he’s been picked by the Browns with the hope that their coaches can coach him up to add knowledge and skill to his natural size, power and ability to make him into a very good defensive lineman as his potential suggests he could very well be.

Apparently, he’s a clever chap as well seeing as he plays quite a few instruments and would appear to be interested in a music career. I guess what we’ll have to watch and assess is whether he’s 100% in on his football career and wants to turn his potential into success, or whether he’s always going to be splitting his time and efforts between football and music meaning the former suffers.

Time will tell with Chad Thomas but I just hope he commits to his NFL career and the Cleveland Browns. If he does, our defensive line just got a whole lot better!

Day 2 Conclusion

All-in-all, the Browns added three more talented players to the roster on day two of the 2018 NFL draft, but none of which come without a little question mark.

Was Austin Corbett the best choice at the top of the second round considering it’s a left tackle we need? Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a brilliant addition to the team but whether that is at LT or one of the interior spots or even as a versatile backup, I’m not entirely sure just yet. It’s going to be interesting to watch that offensive line develop and shape itself during the off-season.

Nick Chubb is going to be a superb running back in the NFL and was definitely one of the next best RB’s after Barkley. It’s just that left knee that has me concerned even though he has continued to improve over the two seasons at Georgia following the injury and was back to his pre-injury self (near enough) last season.

Chad Thomas has superb potential but I just wonder how committed he’ll be to his football career. Let’s hope he goes all-in on it and becomes the excellent lineman he can be.