The 2018 NFL draft has now finished and the Cleveland Browns have added four more players to their roster who will now have the chance to make the final cut before the 2018 NFL season kicks off.

After two very good previous days of drafting, John Dorsey and his front office went down a bit more of a controversial route on the final day. They’d seemingly spent the first three rounds of the draft adding solid players with solid, hard-working characters but then decided to go for a couple of players with very suspect characters on the final day.

Let’s have a quick look at who they took.

#105 | Antonio Callaway | WR | Florida

Right, this kid would appear to be a complete moron who needs to mature at a very rapid pace if he’s to make the roster and make a living playing football.

If I’m honest, I hate this pick! It’s the first thing John Dorsey has done since his arrival in Cleveland that I disagree with and don’t like. Granted, I’m just some fan of the game who doesn’t even live in the U.S. and who has just chosen the Browns as his team but still, I have good access to the game and the goings on in and around it and I just don’t think I like this move right now.

Perhaps I’m totally over-reacting, but when a young man has been embroiled in a sexual assault accusation (Callaway was found to be not responsible for the assault), claims of endangering another’s health and safety as well as conduct causing physical injury and also for using a stolen credit card, why on earth would a team like the Browns take him at all nevermind with a 4th-round pick!

Whilst I was watching the draft, one of the panel mentioned that Callaway has been associated with a person who has been linked with activities with minors. It just doesn’t look like this guy or the people he’s been hanging out with are good people. Perhaps he just needs to get his butt up to Cleveland and leave his baggage behind him to concentrate on his career and the next phase of his life.

Just as it appears Josh Gordon is actually trying to turn his life around (the cynic in me says it’s just so he can get that big payday) you put him in a room with this idiot. I just don’t get it. Also, if they are planning on keeping Corey Coleman around for the 2018 season, he’s shown that he can be led astray as he was by the other moron they had on the roster for a while, Kenny Britt.

When the Callaway pick comes up in conversation it will be said that Dorsey has a history of taking young players with character issues and turning them into good players in the NFL. The names Tyreek Hill and Marcus Peters will come up and, yes, they are very good players but I really wouldn’t have wanted Peters on my roster, thanks very much.

There’s no mistaking the potential Callaway has and if he wasn’t such an immature idiot off the field he would probably have gone in the 1st-round. I just have a problem with these kids who have natural, God-given ability but don’t have the maturity and brains to match. I just hope the Cleveland Browns and John Dorsey keep a close eye on this kid and can help him grow as a football player and human being.

In a press conference straight after this pick, Dorsey stated that he’s comfortable with the organisation (seems to be his catchphrase at the minute) and the things they have in place to be comfortable with this pick, so I trust him but just hope he cuts ties with the kid if things start to go down a route none of us wants them to go. He didn’t even play in 2017 due to suspensions at Florida.

This is a boom or bust move in my opinion at this stage.

*EDIT* I forgot to mention that he failed a drugs test at the combine and later admitted he’d been smoking marijuana. He doesn’t even have the brains or desire to stay clean for the biggest test of his career.

He does say that he has matured and that he now has a daughter and has no choice but to be a man. Doesn’t fill me with confidence that he wants to be, though.

#150 | Genard Avery | LB | Memphis

In the 5th-round the Browns turned back to the defence and took linebacker Genard Avery.

I’m not going to claim I know much about this guy but Pro Football Focus had him ranked as their 12th best linebacker who has played at all linebacker spots/roles during his time in the game. The Browns have stated that he’ll start as an ILB with them, which is exactly what they need with Joe Schobert being the only decent player they had there last year.

He’s, apparently, solid in the run-defence aspect of the game but his strength to date has been as a pass-rusher. On the NFL website, Lance Zierlein’s summary of him states that his strength could be at the strong-side linebacker spot in a 4-3 defence. If this is so, the Cleveland Browns have made another perfect pick as that’s where Jamie Collins lines up and he was injured last season and gets paid a lot of dollar.

Genard Avery

This is a pick that I really like due to his size, strength and versatility at the linebacker position. I also like some of the “Strengths” stated on the NFL website about him: “State champion powerlifter”, “Lower body built like a tank” and “Tested off the charts with 4.59 forty, 36″ vertical leap and 6.90 three-cone”.

He’s going to be a big contributor on special teams to start, I’d say, and the more I read about him the more I like him. He’s got speed and power to make him one of those good ‘sideline to sideline’ type linebackers. Let’s hope he coaches up well.

#175 | Damion Ratley | WR | Texas A&M

Basically, this guy is still raw and hasn’t had many touches of the ball during his college career. He is, however, a field-stretching speed guy with good size at 6’3″, 190lbs.

He could feature on special teams early due to his size and speed but it has been said that he needs to get tougher to be good there. Seems to be one who could see the practice squad for a while first but I like the fact they took a WR with good size as there seemed to be many short-ass WR’s at the top of this draft.

#188 | Simeon Thomas | DB | Louisiana-Lafayett

Hmm, another immature moron by the looks of things I’ve read. But let’s be honest, most of the players taken this far down in the draft could have a reason other than playing ability that has put them here. I guess the Browns have picked some players with a lot of potential who they hope they can fix their off-field issues/history.

This kid doesn’t seem to have played a lot during his time in college as he appears to have spent most of it suspended due to academic reasons. He’s also been accused, along with others, of entering a dorm and stealing $2,400 worth of items. Another dumbass by the looks of things and another pick I’m not keen on.

He might make it to special teams but I’d be surprised if he even makes it that far.


I really like the pick of Genard Avery and hope he can be a good player for the Browns going forward. It looks like he has a lot of potential and could be exactly what the team needs on defence.

The other three picks are all very “Meh!”, for me. I’m not keen on Callaway or Thomas being in the locker room but am intrigued to see if the team can be good for Callaway and they can sort him out and make him into a starter as his potential suggests he can be. He could turn out to be a steal in the 4th-round or a total bust and bad influence on certain members of the team.

The word ‘potential’ comes into play again when talking about Ratley, but I doubt we’ll see much of him for a while on Sundays, if at all. He’s got the build and speed I like in a WR and I hope he can coach up well and make the roster at some stage in the future.