NFL Shop Europe has today announced that we can now get our 2018 NFL draft hats from their online store.

These will be the hats worn by the players as they get selected by the NFL team they’ll start their career with.

The caps get worn on stage by the player when they get selected by a team and they come on to meet the NFL commissioner and hold up their new employer’s jersey.

Carson Wentz Draft Day

New Look

In previous years, the caps have been pretty straightforward in design by being dominated by the team logo. This year, however, the modern-day desire to be different and stand out from the crowd as being different seems to have crept into the design of the 2018 NFL draft caps.

They still feature the team logo (how could they not) but they are now dominated by what I assume are famous taglines associated with the team.

We have such beauties as “Rise Up Red Sea“, “Defend the North” and “Two States, One Team” (genius, huh?).

We then have the more recognisable (to me at least) taglines such as “Dawg Pound“, “Who Dey“, “Rise Up” and “One Pride“.

Maybe I’m just getting old and out of touch with da yoof, but I think the front of these caps look a mess. I’m one that likes a more minimal look and with all the text on the cap along with the logo squeezed on as well, I’d have to say that I’m not exactly a fan of these designs.

Having said that, I do think that the Cleveland Browns version is actually one of the better-looking ones for a change. Usually, I can find their merchandise a little garish due to their colours and lack of a logo, but these actually look ok for once.

Cap Styles

From what I can see, these 2018 NFL draft on stage caps come in two New Era styles. Depending on your preference, you can buy them in the Low Profile 59FIFTY Fitted style or the more traditional 39THIRTY Stretch Fit version.

Miami Dolphins 2018 NFL draft hat
Denver Broncos 2018 NFL draft hat

Personally, I’m more of a traditionalist and if I were to buy one of these caps it would probably be a Dawg Pound 39THIRTY. I have, however, been wanting a 59FIFTY for a while now since they introduced the low profile version, as it was the height with which the normal 59FIFTY sits on your head that I didn’t like about them. Now, if they did a Truckers cap version, I’d be all over one of them! I’m rather partial to a truckers style cap.

Buy from New Era

If, for some reason, you don’t like or just don’t want to buy your 2018 on stage NFL draft cap from the NFL Shop Europe, you can nip over to the online New Era shop instead. They, unsurprisingly, have these caps for sale on their website as well.

You won’t get them cheaper as both retailers are currently selling the caps for £30, but you might just prefer one shop to the other.

So, what do you think about these 2018 NFL draft caps? Do you like them or loathe them? Will you be buying one or giving them a miss this year? As usual, let us know in the comments below.