At last, our cries of total dissatisfaction have been heard by the NFL with regards to the appalling NFL GamePass Europe application we have had to endure for the 2017 NFL season!

Yesterday they announced the news that those of us who have subscribed to their service will be receiving a 20% refund on the price we paid for either their Season Pro or Essential package, so for me, this means a return of £28 (ish) on my £139.99 Pro subscription.

From what I could gather via social media during week 5 of the 2017 regular season, a lot of people couldn’t even log in to the app and therefore missed most of the evening of NFL football. Because of this, NFL GamePass Europe will be giving people who paid for their Weekly Essential or Weekly Pro packages for that week a full refund.

Below is the email you should have received from the company about the refunds:

NFL GamePass Europe refund email

The email has a link in it for us to click if we want further information on this which leads you to their Refund FAQ page:

NFL GamePass Refund FAQ page

As you can see from their FAQ page, we don’t have to do anything other than wait for the refund. It will be credited back to the card/account that we paid with as they will still have those details on file (well, they should have but I wouldn’t put anything past this lot). It should take up to 30 days for the refund to appear back on your card or in your account but I’d keep checking as this lot have proven themselves unreliable and I can foresee customers having issues with not receiving their refunds.

Nothing about your account or terms and conditions will change as it should be a simple 20% refund and your account remains as is. After all the stories of people having their accounts terminated when they didn’t ask for that and others having money taken when they did select to not continue subscribing after the free trial ended and others having multiple payments taken from their account, this situation definitely seems to me like it still needs monitoring closely.

Am I happy with a 20% refund? Honestly, I’m not sure. I suppose they could have done nothing and kept everyone’s money, but I imagine they would have seen a massive drop-off in sales next year – they have actually disabled the option to cancel your auto-renew selection, which surely isn’t allowed? But they have said we will have a months window before next season to select or de-select that option. I still can’t see why they’ve done that and it seems a little dishonest in a way. There is the option to update your credit card details so I suppose you could do something on there if you miss the window of cancelling the auto-renew.I think I would have liked to have seen a larger refund as I feel the app has been absolutely appaling this year which has spoilt my Sunday evenings of football watching one way more than just one occasion.

I would have liked to have seen a larger refund as I feel the app has been absolutely appaling this year which has spoilt my Sunday evenings of football watching one way or another on more than just one occasion. I also feel like the Deltatre company haven’t really known what they have been doing from a sports side of things and so have been adding/removing things from the app and waiting to see what reaction they get from us customers. This, to me, is what beta-testing with potential customers is all about and should have been done a long time before the season started and should have been free to those that signed up to be the testers! In an interview with BBC’s Mark Simpson, they sounded to me like they were admitting to learning on the job. This strengthens my belief that they’ve used us and so I feel the refund should have been more.

Below is the interview Mark Simpson did:

So there we have it, NFL GamePass have admitted that they’ve messed up and held their hands up to the fake 5-star reviews of their app in an attempt to improve their standing within the app stores and now have agreed to a token gesture of a 20% refund. In my opinion, these guys are an absolute joke and I get the impression they went to the NFL and said, “Hey, we can create a better app to be your streaming service and we can do it cheaper!”, well, they obviously couldn’t and now it’s costing them.

The real question now is; Is the app actually going to get better or is it going to continue to be crap? If it remains crap, are they going to keep fobbing us off with replies like, “That’s what your refund was for”, etc? I suppose it would make a change from the “Thanks for your input, I’ve passed it on to the technical department”.

I’m sure that all any of us want to see is an NFL streaming service that works! None of us have been in this to get money back and were willing to pay the money for the service we thought we were going to get – the good one that worked from last year.

Just because they’ve admitted to all their faults and foul-play and have made this token gesture doesn’t mean we should all sit back and relax as the test now is to see if they can deliver the service they are employed to deliver.