Finally, the people at NFLUK head office have decided to let us know which teams will be coming over to London to play in the series of NFL London 2018 games.

In true fashion these days we had an announcement about an announcement on Monday, 8th January about the fact that they will be announcing the 2018 series of games on Thursday, 11th January. This year they will be announcing the games via Facebook with a “Facebook Live and NFL media event”, according to Sky Sports’ Neil Reynolds.

It’s about time they announced the games as this is the longest we’ve had to wait and people have been getting impatient on social media, it would seem. I suspect the wait has something to do with the locations of two of the games and whether the Spurs stadium build is going to be ready in time. Having said that, it could be just that they have been waiting until we’re all hyped for the NFL as we’re into playoff mode right now. Who knows, certainly not I, but I wouldn’t put anything past marketing people these days.

Anyway, the news will be revealed at around 3:45pm on Thursday 11th January by Sky Sports’ Neil Reynolds on Facebook, and I just hope there isn’t too much other crap involved and he gets to the point quickly. I’m quite interested to see if an image that has been doing the rounds on social media for a week or two is correct. I get the impression it’s just someone with time on their hands who created and posted it, but I’m still intrigued to see how close they got with their 2018 NFL London game predictions. The graphic I’m referring to is:

We can discount this as being anything official as the stadiums they’ve put the games at are nonsense (I seriously hope there aren’t any games at Twickenham this year or future years) as my guess is we’ll get two games at Wembley and two at the Spurs ground as that is what they’ve signed up for through the next ten years.

Yes, there will be five international NFL games but one of them will be in Mexico and it’s been reported that the LA Rams will be the home team there to make a change from the Raiders.

A lot of people have been crying out for the Green Bay Packers and Seattle Seahawks to come over so this graphic will have been welcomed by many but, like I say, it’s just someone with too much time on their hands that has created it but it will be fun to see how close they got.

So, don’t forget to get yourself on Facebook at around 3:45pm on Thursday, 11th January and look for Neil Reynolds or NFLUK and their Facebook Live session as they reveal the NFL London 2018 games!