The NFL season start is getting closer and, therefore, so are the NFL London series of games. The NFL has now released this year’s NFL Fan Mobile Pass for registration and we are encouraged to follow the links to where we can register to get our own unique QR code.

At the time of writing this, they haven’t given any information at all as to what we can expect from this year’s version but instead tease us with:

NFL Mobile Fan Pass

From what I can remember about it last year, it’s a kind of loyalty card, if you will. I remember during the NFL on Regent Street event that you had to flash your code to be able to have a go on one of the ‘experiences’ they had for fans to try and I think you had to show it upon entering the NFL House – I might be wrong there but I do remember them hounding you in the queue outside to sign your allegiance to the NFL with all your details if you hadn’t already done so online previously.

They also get companies from on and around Regent Street to sign up to it so they can offer us exclusive discounts and prize draw entries etc. I must admit that when I go to London for the weekend around each of the NFL London games, I’m never really impressed by the Regent Street thing and so have a quick look then bugger off around the capital like a tourist. Last year I thought I’d try the fan mobile pass out as there was a bar on a side street of Regent Street that had signed up to the whole discount on food and beer between set hours and me and my mate decided we were hungry and fancied a pint at that time. So, off we went and found the bar and managed to get a table. We ordered the drinks and food and when it came to paying we flashed our QR codes (Quick Response Codes – I just had to Google it) at the barman whilst sporting our smug looks only to be shot down in flames by, “What’s that?”.

We explained what they were and he said, “Really!? It’s always these discounted prices at this time”.

“Oh…”, was all we could muster as a reply as our smug looks rapidly evaporated.

I’m not actually sure what else these QR codes get you apart from a go on the running and throwing stuff they put on at the Regent Street event (usually just at the Jaguars game now) and on game day outside the stadium. The problem I have with them is that the queues are so bloody long. I must admit that I did enjoy the throwing alley they had at NFL House last year as I went on it whilst someone was waffling on on stage so the queue was minimal – 100% spiral efficiency on all four throws anyone? No? Just me then, lol. I might have mentioned that once or twice before, sorry.

Even though I’ve waffled on a bit about this Fan Mobile Pass and not really given any helpful advice about it, neither have the NFL so far as I imagine they’re finalising who are partnering up with it etc.

It’s worth signing up to it anyway for the simple fact that you get put into a draw for a couple of NFL London 2017 season tickets – although aren’t the people who are going to sign up to it likely to be the ones that already have their tickets and are already going? Meh, I’m sure everyone would accept a free set of tickets, huh? Especially if they are more expensive and better seats than they already have!

What experiences and benefits have you found with the NFL Mobile Fan Pass in the past? I’m genuinely interested as it might be worth me spending a bit more time this year around the things it is supposed to get you if they’re worthwhile.