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NFL London 2018

In this year’s NFL London games we are being treated to 3 quality NFL regular season games. That’s one less than in 2017 but there seems to be a case of quality over quantity this year.

This year we see six teams coming over that could all very well be playoff teams in the 2018 season.

The reason for the reduction of one game on the previous year is simply because of the new stadium at Tottenham Hotspurs. They want to make sure they get everything right for the one game there and have time to learn from any mistakes should there be any.

Don’t worry, we should be back up to 4+ games in 2019 as Spurs have a ten-year deal to host two games a year and I can’t see Wembley Stadium giving any of their games up anytime soon.

The three NFL London games for 2018 are:

Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders

Wembley Stadium

Sunday 14th October, 2018

Kickoff: 6pm UK time

NFL Regular Season Week 6

Tennessee Titans @ LA Chargers

Wembley Stadium

Sunday 21st October 2018

Kickoff: 2:30pm UK time

NFL Regular Season Week 7

Philadelphia Eagles @ Jacksonville Jaguars

Wembley Stadium

Sunday 28th October 2018

Kickoff: 1:30pm UK time

NFL Regular Season Week 8