When I’m planning my trips down to London for the NFL London games, my first thought is usually about going on the train/tube, but there’s also the option of getting there by road.

Not only could we drive ourselves there but we could also get someone else to do the driving, on a coach for example. This page will have a look at some options we have for getting to the NFL London games by road.

Stadium Locations

Wembley Stadium is located to the north west of Central London and isn’t too far off the North Circular road between the end of the M1 and M40 motorways. If I’m honest, this is my favourite of the stadiums the games are played at simply because it seems easier to get to via rail and road.

Wembley Stadium

Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium

Official Gameday Parking

Both stadiums offer some official gameday parking of varying quality, in my opinion.

Wembley Stadium offers a few car parks for us to use (at a cost of course) that are close to the stadium. The best one for me has been the Red Car Park, which is the multi-story one right by the stadium and is right next to the London Designer Outlet which is, in turn, right next to the stadium. You literally walk out of this car park and you’re in the gameday atmosphere. Parking in the Wembley Red Car Park will cost you £30 on gameday and so it certainly isn’t cheap. You can book a space here.

They do also have what they call the Bronze Car Park which is a pay and display affair in the York Building car park. It’s really not very big and I, personally, wouldn’t make any plans around using that car park. Just have a look on the booking link above and you’ll see that even they say that there are not enough spaces.

Off to the east of the stadium, there are some unofficial car parks that are located on the building’s ground of companies in the industrial estate. These are known as Wembley WASP Parking and WPL Wembley Parking. I’ve added a link to the WPL site but the WASP one doesn’t appear to be working or maintained so haven’t bothered. A quick internet search will find them if you wish to.

Red Car Park - Multi-storey

Bronze Car Park at York House

WPL Wembley Parking


To be honest, most of the time I make a weekend of these events and spend my time in Central London then make my way to the games on the tube system but, when I have driven to a game on gameday, I’ve used an online company called JustPark.

This is a company who have people on their system with parking space available on their own personal driveways as well as some companies who are happy to hire out their staff parking spaces at weekends etc.

It’s such a fantastic system and so easy to use. All you do is, go to their website at www.justpark.com, type in where you want to park, then have a look at the map of the available spaces and their prices.

It’s such a great service because you can get parked really close to the venue you’re going to and the prices can be way cheaper than the alternatives (up to 70% cheaper according to their advertising blah blah). You pay for everything upfront via the website so you have no worries about having the right change or whether you’re actually going to get a space in a public car park. I usually park a bit out from the stadiums then catch the tube for a couple of stops into the action but you might prefer to stay right by the venues. Either way is possible with JustPark although you’ll have to get there early for the Twickenham games due to the roads around the stadium getting closed for long periods of time on game days.

Once you’ve created your account and booked your space all you do on the day is park up and off you go. No need to be knocking on the space owners door unless they have specified this in their agreement. Once you have booked the space you will be given the space owners phone number for you to use in case of any complications and you can also contact them before, during or after your booking via the JustPark website as there is a box to do so on each space owners page.

When I’ve booked a space through these guys I’ve always given myself enough time to get my car there and then to get back to my car after the game/event as the price is usually the same for all day or just part of the day. We all know how long it can take to get away from the stadiums after one of these NFL London games, right? If you’re going to be late back to your car all you need to do is go to the website or iOS or Android app that they have and extend your stay if you haven’t given yourself enough time originally.

Seriously, go and have a look at the JustPark website and you’ll see that you could save yourself a lot of aggro and expense with the whole parking at the games thing.

I know I’ve probably banged on about this, but I really do love the idea they’ve come up with and got people on board with it – it’s yet another of those ideas I wish I’d come up with!

National Express Coaches

During my ongoing quest to find different ways of getting to the NFL London games, I’ve tried going by coach. With National Express being the official coach supplier to Wembley Stadium, it made sense to give them a try.

They do coaches to both Wembley and Spurs’ stadiums for all of the NFL London games and with 30-50 pick-up points across the country to get us down there from, it’s not a bad service at all. The thing I like best about their service is the fact that they deliver you right to the door. When we’ve gone to Wembley with National Express, we’ve always parked up in the Green car park which is just below the concourse surrounding the stadium (although they are building there now). It is literally from the coach, up some steps and you’re there. This is also a massive plus after the games as you don’t have to fight your way to and through the tube stations as you rush to catch your train home or get back to your car parked somewhere away from the stadium.

Prices start from around £27.50 per person but you can get a 25% discount if you book for four or more people. This only applies to coach-only bookings and not event packages and it automatically applies the discount for you.

For the standard 2:30pm kickoffs, the coaches arrive at around 11:45am and leave at around 6:45pm depending on the finishing time of the game.

A thing I noticed when booking tickets for my journeys to London is that, although they have drop-downs for selecting whether you’re Adult, Child (3-15) or Child (0-2), it’s made no difference to the price of my tickets. I suspect this is because you’re still taking up a seat which needs paying for. The prices for both stadiums are pretty much the same as well from where ever you travelling.

Once you’re on the National Express website it’s best to navigate to Events > Sporting Events > Pick Your Game. This way you get a drop-down of stations and pickup points you can catch the coaches from instead of typing in a station you want to catch it from only to be told they don’t go from there.

You can also follow @nxupdates on Twitter for live updates of the service you are travelling on.

If you’re looking for ways to travel to and from one or more of the NFL London games on the day, I’d definitely give a thought to National Express as it really does take a lot of the stress of getting to and from the venue out of your day and you can switch off and relax once the game is done knowing that someone else is driving you home.