The buildup to the NFL London series of games for 2017 continues today with the announcement of the list of pubs that have been designated as a ‘team pub’ for the 8 NFL teams that will be playing in London this year.

This is a continuation of the trend that happened during the buildup to the 2016 London games. The idea is (to make money for those pubs, obviously) to create a place within our wonderful capital city where fans of each team playing this year can go and be assured of having the opportunity to chat with fellow team fans or just to be in a football-loving area and atmosphere created by your fellow –insert team name here– fan.

This year the list, basically, comes down to two pubs that have signed up to it (I wonder how much they had to pay the NFL) as it’s either going to be The Admiralty or The Barrow Boy and Banker. Unless you’re a Miami Dolphins fan, then you’ll have to get yourselves off to the Hard Rock Cafe on Old Park Lane for your meetups. The Dolphins have obviously chosen that place as it ties in perfectly with their stadium sponsorship deal, which makes good sense, really.

As of yet, we haven’t been given a pub name for the Jacksonville Jaguars so I assume there’s some monetary thing getting in the way or something special in the offing? Maybe Shahid Khan is buying somewhere special for it, or maybe they already have a place from last year? As I’m sure you can tell, I’m not sure.

Anyway, back to the teams that have had pubs designated to them for NFL London 2017. Both The Admiralty and The Barrow Boy and Banker will play host to three teams each with the Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals and Baltimore Ravens using The Admiralty and the Minnesota Vikings, LA Rams and New Orleans Saints using The Barrow Boy and Banker. Like I say, the Miami Dolphins will use the Hard Rock Cafe this year due to sponsorship stuff.

  • The Admiralty: Cleveland Browns, Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals
  • The Barrow Boy and Banker: New Orleans Saints, LA Rams and Minnesota Vikings
  • Hard Rock Cafe: Miami Dolphins

Both of these pubs are centrally located and very good looking places indeed, with The Admiralty being not too far from the bustling tourist areas around Regent Street and Trafalgar Square and The Barrow Boy and Banker being just the south side of the river across London Bridge. I can’t imagine there’s much difference between the two either as they’re both Fuller’s Ale & Pie Houses – I guess Fuller’s wanted a piece of the NFL pie again this year.

The pubs are being offered up as the official London pub of the teams for the week of that team’s game at Wembley or Twickenham and there’s likely to be team branding adorning the place and various events put on over the week for the fans of the team whose week it is. What those events are, I have no idea as yet but keep checking back here or follow me on Twitter (@NFLFan_UK) for updates. Or, if you don’t want to follow me or come back here, then the teams and/or NFLUK should have the updates too.

The Hard Rock Cafe is also central London, as you’d expect, and is off to the west a little, not far from Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. Hyde Park Corner on the Piccadilly line is the closest tube stop to it and therefore easy to get to. It too, though, is not actually a million miles away from the central tourist places of Leicester Square etc. should you fancy a walk around this great city.

The Hard Rock Cafe

150 Old Park Lane



The Admiralty

66 Trafalgar Square




The Barrow Boy and Banker

6-8 Borough High Street



If you’re a fan of one of the teams playing in this years NFL London games then I recommend checking out your team’s pub at some stage before the game as the atmosphere in them is great, especially on the weekend of the game itself.

Even if you’re not a fan of the team whose pub it is, I’d recommend going as we’re all NFL fans at the end of the day and the chat can be great – you might need slightly thicker skin if you’re not a fan of the team whose pub it is but it’s still great fun.