Today saw the big reveal of NFL London games ticket information the NFLUK crew have been promising us. Only, to be honest, it wasn’t a big announcement of all the information and was, instead, just the date that season tickets from 2017 can be renewed, all wrapped up in an overly long post on their website that looks like the ‘copy/paste kid’ had been let loose on again with a couple of sections saying the same thing with slight alterations — I’m not a great fan of their posts when they reveal information like this, or of their site in general.

NFL London Season Ticket Renewal

Anyway, as far as season ticket renewals go, we can renew them from 10am on Tuesday, 30th January up until 11:59pm on Wednesday, 14th February, and these are for just the two Wembley games. Once this window has closed, any unrenewed season tickets will go on general sale from Thursday 15th February at 10am.

All current season ticket holders will receive an email by Monday, 29th January with their customer ID to allow them access to the renewal process.

At this stage, there is no indication of how much the tickets are going to cost which leads me to believe the price is going to increase. Hopefully I’m wrong, but surely they could have just said the prices will remain the same as last year for the Wembley games and the Tottenham game prices are to be confirmed if they were indeed staying the same.

Single Game Tickets

Basically, nothing has been revealed about single-game tickets for NFL London 2018 as yet apart from it might be around NFL draft time in April. This includes the Seattle Seahawks @ Oakland Raiders game at Tottenham Hotspurs. They’re waiting for the seating plan for the new stadium to be confirmed before revealing the dates that tickets will go on sale for that game. I’m not sure why they can’t give us a date for single-game tickets at Wembley but I imagine they’re going to reveal them all at the same time to try and keep things nice and tidy and easier to follow.

You’re still better off going to the Ticketmaster website and registering your interest in tickets according to the NFLUK website.

Benefits to Renewing Your Season Ticket

  • 10% discount on single-game ticket prices (but what about the Spurs game. Does that qualify as part of the season ticket and therefore a 10% discount?)
  • Only one booking fee per season ticket (multiple games) rather than a booking fee per individual ticket (does the Spurs stadium game require a separate fee? I bet it does).
  • Access to the pre-sale window of Seattle Seahawks/Oakland Raiders game tickets (with extra booking fee and no 10% discount I’ll bet, as well as no guarantee of a ticket due to “Limited number of tickets” available in this pre-sale window).
  • Can spread the cost over three payments.
  • Access to tickets first next year (renewing again as per previous and this year).

What to do Now

Err, nothing really. Just sit tight and wait for your email if you’re a season-ticket holder and if you’re not, then keep an eye open for the general sale of season tickets followed by single-game tickets dates.

Oh yeah, one other thing that was revealed was that the Seahawks/Raiders game at the new Spurs stadium will be a 6pm UK time kickoff so plan accordingly.