NFL London Tickets

At the beginning of every year, tickets for the NFL London games go on sale to the public and every year they sell out proving that the NFL game-following in Europe is alive and well.

It is at this stage that you need to pre-register your interest to be eligible to purchase some. This is done on the Ticketmaster website as they are the initial sellers of these much sought-after NFL London tickets.

If you think you might forget and miss the registering window then you might consider following me on Twitter (@NFLFan_UK) as I’ll send out plenty of reminders when the time comes around each year.

If you go to the Ticketmaster website too late you’ll probably see that all the individual and season tickets have been sold out and there’s just the more expensive Hospitality Ticket Packages available. These look fantastic if you’ve got the money to spare or have a company willing to send you there with clients etc. but most of us don’t have those luxuries. Because of this, you’ll most likely have to look elsewhere for more realistically priced individual game tickets. These places are Stubhub and GetMeIn.

These sites are both ticket marketplaces for bigger companies and have hundreds of tickets for sale for the games (as well as pretty much any other event you can think of). The tickets they sell are put up for sale by people lucky enough to have purchased some but now can’t or don’t want to go to the game(s). Some people buy a season ticket (tickets to all the games that year) as these go on sale first and allows them to have more choice when it comes to seating location within the stadium and therefore price ranges. These people only actually want to go to one or a couple of the games and so put the other(s) up for sale on these sites. Obviously, there’ll be plenty of other reasons for these tickets being put up for resale, such as touts looking to make a profit etc, but that’s just one example of many a legit sales reason.

Stubhub is owned by eBay and GetMeIn is owned by Ticketmaster.

If you’re struggling to find the NFL London game ticket(s) you’re after on either Stubhub, GetMeIn or Ticketmaster then you might consider joining one of the many NFL UK Facebook groups, of which there are many. Each year there are plenty of tickets put up for sale within these groups by people realising they can’t get to games or have been let down by friends meaning they have spare tickets. Keep checking within these groups closer to the game days as some bargains can be had as people look to recoup whatever they can instead of throwing the tickets away.

So, there you go, these are the best places, in my opinion, to be finding and purchasing your NFL London tickets each and every year.

Why not have a browse on one of the sites via the buttons below to see if you can find the ticket(s) you want:

NFL London Game Tickets Ticketmaster
NFL London Tickets GetMeIn
NFL London Tickets StubHub