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Browns Sign Mychal Kendricks

Finally, it would appear that the bizarre case of former Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Mychal Kendricks has been resolved. It is now reported by his agent that he has in fact signed with the Cleveland Browns and will take to the practice field for OTA’s as he goes to work earning his starting spot somewhere within the Browns linebacker unit.

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New NFL Kickoff Rules

The NFL is implementing new rules in 2018 with regards to the kickoff game. There are several new rules to be trialed this coming season and in this post I have a look at them and give my opinion on the whole idea of changing this part of special teams play.

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NFL London 2018 Game Dates Finalised

At last, we are slowly getting to know when and where the 2018 NFL London games will be played. The Wembley games have now been finalised but NFLUK keeps us waiting for confirmation of the Seahawks @ Raiders game. I have a look at why that is in this post.

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