The NFL Schedules for 2017 were actually released a couple of weeks ago now but with all the build-up hype and exciting goings-on of the 2017 NFL Draft, I kind of didn’t get time to write anything about them.

Hopefully, by now you’ll have checked out my NFL London 2017 Games pageand will have seen the dates on there for the games that will be played this year (2017) at both Wembley and Twickenham stadiums. If not, why not? After you’ve had a look at that page, I suggest a visit to the NFL Schedule section of the site to have a look at who the NFL London teams are playing this season. I’ll keep that section updated after each week’s games with the scores as well, so be sure to keep checking back.

Apart from those four fantastic looking London games, I thought I’d have a peruse over the schedules of the 8 London-bound teams and see if any of the games stood out to me as ones that are definitely going to require a watch.

Most Intriguing Schedules for me…

The Baltimore Ravens seem to have a fun-packed first four weeks as they will face off against their three AFC North division rivals – Cincinnati Bengals in week 1 followed in week 2 by the Cleveland Browns and week 4 against, perhaps their biggest rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Squeezed into the middle of all that, the Ravens will travel to London, on a cruise liner instead of by plane from what I’ve heard, to play an away game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Even though I’m a Browns fan, I think the start of the season could be an exciting time to watch the Ravens.

The Miami Dolphins will face the New England Patriots twice in the space of three weeks towards the end of the season. Both these teams made it into the playoffs last year and could do so again this. Because of that, these two fixtures in weeks 12 and 14 could be vitally important if both are on a playoff run. They could make or break the team as a playoff contender. I find it difficult to believe, right now, that any team other than the Patriots will win the AFC East division, but the Dolphins stand the best chance, in my opinion, out of the three teams that aren’t named the Patriots.

Could week one actually provide one of the games of the season? If not a game of the season contender it certainly stands the chance of being one of the most hyped. The game I’m talking about is, of course, the New Orleans Saints at the Minnesota Vikings. This will be an intriguing matchup and a hard game to resist watching live due simply to the running back position. The Vikings’ legend that is Adrian Peterson is one of the best running backs to ever play the game and now finds himself on the New Orleans Saints roster. Due to the loss of this great player, the Minnesota Vikings wasted no time in grabbing arguably the best young running back in the 2017 NFL draft to replace him, Dalvin Cook. Even though the Vikings had no first round pick in that draft, they certainly made up for it in the second round by grabbing a top 10 draft talent and perfectly fixing any problems they might have been facing in the running game.

For me, those are the things that stand out the most right now for the forthcoming 2017 NFL season. I’m sure this will change as the drama of the NFL hots up closer to kickoff time and players get dropped from rosters and picked up by others. I’m obviously super excited to see my Cleveland Browns field all those good young players they’ve picked up in the draft as well as the quality they managed to grab in free agency. The off-season for me as a Browns fan has just been win-win so far and I’m especially excited to see if we can compete in the tough AFC North from this or, more likely, the 2018 season.

Don’t forget to head over to the NFL Schedule and Results page, both now and during the season.

What games are you most looking forward to watching and why? Let us know in the comments below.