Thank God for Neil Reynolds and the NFLUK team – I NEVER thought I’d hear myself saying something like that, let me tell you! The fact that I’m properly bored sitting around looking for something to do and write about the NFL season has driven me to make such an exclamation.

The NFL UK lot have decided to treat us to another of their fantastic live events where us mere mortals get to sit in the same room as some of our sporting heroes and interact with them. I’ve been to a couple of these events now and both times have been a little “Meh!” about them, but once I got there and the show started, I was engrossed. They really are great if you’re a big NFL fan.

On previous occasions, these events have actually been a tour around the nation with a few stops along the way but this time it would appear to be a one-off event in the nation’s capital, London. It’s being held at  Kings Place, 90 York Way, London, N1 9AG which is, conveniently, not too far from Kings Cross and St Pancras train stations.

I was considering going down to London to the event and staying over that night but, because it’s so close to the train stations that I’d be travelling to and from, I reckon I’ll just go down for the day.

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Which Guests will be There

So, who’s going to be there? I hear you ask. Well, at this event, they’ve pushed the boat out and gone for more guests than I’ve seen before at the ones they’ve held in the past. They’ve decided to go with a player from each of the eight teams that we’ll see playing in the NFL London 2017 series of games. We have:

  • Joel Bitonio | Offensive Guard | Cleveland Browns
  • Ben Koyack | Tight End | Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Kenny Stills | Wide Receiver | Miami Dolphins
  • Johnny Hekker | Punter | LA Rams
  • Brandon Williams | Nose Tackle | Baltimore Ravens
  • Tyrann Mathieu | Injured Reserve Defensive Back | Arizona Cardinals
  • Stefon Diggs | Wide Receiver | Minnesota Vikings
  • Plus a player from the New Orleans Saints who has yet to be confirmed

As a Cleveland Browns fan, I’m obviously looking forward to seeing OG Joel Bitonio after being lucky enough to see DT Danny Shelton earlier in the year at the NFL UK Live event in Nottingham. I’m also looking forward to just listening to the guys talk as I find most of it fascinating and entertaining. I love it when they give us insight into the game from their perspectives as players. I hope they do some of that during this event – I’d like to see OG Joel Bitonio go up against NT Brandon Williams in some form of demonstration.

How Much is it

They’ve started to slap a charge on the event now (they used to be completely free) in an attempt to stop people claiming tickets then not bothering to turn up. I like this as it helps to fill the venue more which makes for a better atmosphere and I’m sure the guests appreciate that as they’ve taken the time to come over and interact with us European-based fans.

I also like the fact that the NFL UK team aren’t trying to cash in on the event and are genuinely trying to help grow the sport in the UK by keeping the price at a point that isn’t ridiculous but is, at the same time, perhaps enough to make some people try that little harder to get to the event. It’s a nothing amount of £7 to attend the event of which £6 goes to charity – Youth Sports Trust – and the other £1 is the ever-present these days booking fee. Surely for a great evenings worth of entertainment, that’s nothing, right?

For those of us that live outside London, there’s going to be a travel cost involved as well. I’m planning on getting to the event by train as I’ll be coming from the East Midlands and it makes my life easier. Like I said earlier, the venue isn’t too far from two of the capital’s main train stations either, which makes the train more appealing.

As I also said earlier, I’ll be booking my tickets through Raileasy as I always do to find the cheapest tickets available. If you click through my site to them and purchase a ticket(s), I’ll receive a small commission but this will have absolutely no effect on the price of your ticket for good or bad. It’s just a way I find helps to pay for my website costs etc.

When is it

The event is being held on Tuesday, July 11th, 7:30pm, which is a bit awkward seeing as it’s during the working week but once a babysitter is found for the afternoon/evening all’s good in my book.

As I write this, it’s the end of June so we don’t have long to get things sorted for the event but I kinda like how these things seem to suddenly crop up with not much time for us to have to wait for them to come around.

Where Can I Get Tickets

The tickets for this event are available via Ticketmaster, as always, and can be found here.

Don’t forget, the tickets are only £7 each and most of that goes to Youth Sports Trust and, if you’re an NFL fan, you’re going to get a great evening’s worth of entertainment from it.

So, will you be going? If you are, who are you most looking forward to seeing and what question(s) would you ask the guests? Let us know in the comments below.