The NFL UK people have announced dates for a 2017 NFL UK Live tour. This particular tour will travel to 4 cities across the UK and will include London, Liverpool, Nottingham and Edinburgh.

It will be again be hosted by Neil Reynolds of Sky Sports’ NFL coverage and he will be joined by a number of guests. These guests should be pretty damn good as they include renowned journalist Peter King who writes for Sports Illustrated as well as having written 5 books and who has won the National Sports Writer of the Year in 2010. There is also going to be a number of past and present NFL players on stage. These will include Washington Redskins’ QB Kirk Cousins, Cleveland Browns DT Danny Shelton, Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner and recently retired NFL WR Steve Smith Sr. As a Cleveland Browns fan, I’m personally looking forward to seeing what Danny Shelton has to say.

According to the NFL UK website, it will be an evening of,, “NFL conversation, live Q&A, game insights and exclusive insider information”. I’m not sure about that last one, to be honest.

Event Locations & Guests

– The Mermaid, London – Monday 10th April –

Guests include: Journalist Peter King and Washington Redskins’ QB Kirk Cousins.

– Floral Pavilion, Liverpool – Tuesday 11th April –

Guests include: Journalist Peter King, QB Kirk Cousins and Hall of Fame QB Kurt Warner.

– Playhouse Theatre, Nottingham – Wednesday 12th April –

Guests include: Peter King, Kurt Warner, Danny Shelton and Steve Smith Sr.

– Edinburgh International Conference Centre – Thursday 13th April –

Guests include: Peter King, Kurt Warner, Danny Shelton and Steve Smith Sr.


Tickets for these events cost £7 each of which £1 is the usual annoying ‘booking fee’ and the other £6 going to the Youth Sport Trust. The Trust is a charity aimed at improving the lives of young people between the ages of 18 months and 18 years of age. It states on the NFL UK website that the Trust is, “helping with the growth of participation in American football amongst young people and at the grassroots level across the UK”. I must admit that I couldn’t find any sign of this on their website but, still, it helps young people so it’s all good with me.

These events used to be free to attend but they’ve now decided to charge a small fee. This is, basically, to try to reduce a number of people who reserve themselves a ticket then don’t bother to turn up for whatever reason. Those seats could have been taken by a more dedicated NFL fan and the event(s) would have had fewer empty seats.

You’re also only allowed 2 tickets per transaction and it’s on a first-come, first-served basis. Worth noting is that the person who booked the ticket(s) must attend the event and also present their photo ID upon arrival.This, in my opinion, is a good

This charging for tickets, in my opinion, is a good move by the organisers as it should, hopefully, reduce the number of empty seats at the events as £7 for a good evenings worth of entertainment is nothing but it could be just enough to make people make that extra effort to actually get to the venue. We also get to help out a kids charity in the process. It’s win-win-win for me.

So, if you’re going to the Nottingham leg of the tour I’ll see you there! I’ll probably be the only one there in a Cleveland Browns jersey. GO BROWNS! 😉

Previous Event

In 2016 we went to the NFL UK Live event in Leicester at the Leicester Tigers’ stadium. The guests there seemed to be genuinely into it and having fun. This, in turn, made the evening for us much more enjoyable. Myself and my wife had a great evening even though I’d gone to it not really expecting much (I’m not exactly a massive Neil Reynolds fan nor even a fan of Sky Sports’ NFL coverage). I would absolutely recommend this as an evening out if you’re at all interested in the NFL and at £7 a ticket it’s obviously not as cheap as free but it’s still well worth it!

– Head over to the NFL UK website and get your tickets –