To go along with the announcements of the NFL on Regent Street event, NFLUK has announced that they’ll be staging NFLUK Live tour events on the weekends of a couple of the 2017 NFL London games.

You can get your tickets here for the Jaguars/Ravens event.

So far they’ve just announced the plans to stage these events around the first two games of the series that will be played at Wembley Stadium between the Baltimore Ravens/Jacksonville Jaguars and New Orleans Saints/Miami Dolphins.

These events will both take place at the Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, London on the Saturday before their respective game.

Landmark Hotel, Marylebone, London

This means that there will be one on Saturday, September 23rd for the Ravens @ Jaguars game and another on Saturday, September 30th for the Saints @ Dolphins game.

The Ravens @ Jaguars event is from midday-2:30pm and the Saints @ Dolphins event is from 10am-11am.

The Saints/Dolphins NFLUK Live event is a short one due to the fact that there is also the NFL on Regent Street event happening for that weekend and people need to get from place to place. With the Regent Street event kicking off at midday, they’ve got an hour to switch from one to the other. I imagine the guests at the NFLUK Live event will also be appearing on the stage at Regent Street.

As usual, the events will be hosted by Sky Sports’ NFL presenter Neil Reynolds and he will be joined by a number of players from the teams involved in that weekend’s game as well as there being cheerleader performances at some stage.

These events are a combination of discussions and demonstrations by the guys on stage as well as a Q&A session with them. There are always little games for us to play if we’re brave enough to get up on the stage with these heroes of ours. Usually, if you do get involved and up on the stage, you’ll come off it with a decent prize that you’re allowed to choose from a pile of stuff laid out on a table.

Guests confirmed to be attending the first event for the Jags/Ravens include:

  • Mark Brunell
  • Fred Taylor
  • Ray Lewis
  • Jonathan Ogden

For the Saints/Dolphins, the guests will be:

  • Mark Clayton – one of my all-time favourite receivers
  • Sam Madison
  • Deuce McAllister

Tickets to the events will be the usual £7 per ticket of which NFLUK are saying all proceeds go to Sports Relief. In the past when I’ve gone to these events at various venues around the country, £6 has gone to a charity and the other pound is for the booking/admin fee. I’m not sure of the situation this time but I wouldn’t be surprised if the person writing the quick articles on the NFLUK website has got it slightly wrong and no-one has checked. Anyway, whatever the situation, it’s going to cost us the small fee of £7 to attend these entertaining events.

Are you going to any of these events? I’ll be at the Baltimore Ravens/Jacksonville Jaguars one as I’m spending the weekend in London for that game but I’m just travelling down on the Sunday for the Dolphins game. If you’re going to the Jaguars event, I’ll see you there and if you’re going to the Saints/Dolphins event, have fun!