Although it feels like it for many right now, it’s not actually all doom and gloom for some of us Cleveland Browns fans. Before the season started we were told that the team was in full rebuild mode, and we all accepted that. We were told that things could get worse before they got better, we all accepted that. But as soon as the worst starts to happen, many Browns fans start acting just like sports fans do by throwing their toys out of their prams.

People are already calling for heads to roll of people like head coach Hue Jackson, GM Sashi Brown and owner Jimmy Haslam. People are already trying to replace Sashi with Peyton Manning! Don’t get me wrong, Peyton is one of my all-time favourite NFL people and I’d absolutely love to see him in the Browns organisation, but not at the expense of Sashi Brown who I think is doing a good job of the whole ‘ground up, long term’ rebuild thing. I’d like to see Sashi and Peyton work together with Peyton coming is as the “football guy”, as I saw someone put it on Twitter, to bring a football edge to all the analytics. But anyway, that’s for another post.

This post is me having a quick look at what I saw and liked from the Browns in week 5 against the New York Jets, so here we go.

Myles Garrett

Pretty obvious one this. It’s fantastic to finally get to see him on the field even though it was only on situational plays where he was tasked with getting at the QB, and boy-oh-boy did he do that!

His very first regular season play was a sack on ex-Browns QB Josh McCown. I like McCown and kinda wish he was still in the Browns organisation but I liked seeing Garrett sack him even more.

Just look at the explosiveness off the line of Garrett. The Guard, James Carpenter didn’t have a clue where Garrett had gone until he turned around and saw his QB getting flattened. Just such an awesome move to leave the offensive lineman flat-footed and looking silly. When I watched this live, I assumed Garrett had just been completely ignored by the offensive line, but when you watch the replay you can see it was all Garrett.

Myles Garrett went on to record another sack on McCown as well as a couple of solo tackles. I’m very excited to have him playing at last and Linebacker Jamie Collins should return from his concussion protocol absence in week 6 against the Houston Texans as the Browns defence starts getting back to full strength.

David Njoku

This guy is going to be great! When he’s targetted in the passing game he’s making some great catches. I want to see more of him and fellow TE Seth DeValve as I truly believe they can help negate the woes of the Browns and their poor wide receiver unit as they can both catch the football.

In this game against the Jets, Njoku had 3 receptions for 48 yards including his fantastic one-handed diving TD catch.

He needs to work on his celebration, though. Can’t be having the ball bounce back and smack you on the arse after you’ve slammed it, hehe.

I really believe that this guy is the freakish athlete people thought he was when coming out of college, and I’m glad the Browns moved up in the draft to snag him as their third pick in the 2017 draft first round.

Duke Johnson Jr.

This guy is rapidly becoming my current favourite Browns player. Every time he touches the ball you think something special could happen. That’s the kind of player people want to go and see.

Did you see that 41-yard screen pass to him that he took to the endzone? It was all him, brilliant.

Yes, the Jets were dropped deep to stop the pass into the endzone and I could understand any negativity towards this play if it had just made it 10-20 yards, but for him to take it to the house the way he did makes me want to see more from him.

I understand that you need a player like Isaiah Crowell in there splitting time with a player like Duke, but I just want to see more of the Duke! I also want to see more of Matt Dayes instead of Crowell, to be honest, as I think he could be explosive, too.

Kizer Benched

Right, this is the one that has got Browns fans all riled up and arguing amongst themselves as to whether it’s a good thing or bad. Personally, I think it’s a good thing that he got benched and Kevin Hogan came in against the Jets this week. Kizer is clearly overwhelmed and not ready to be leading a team in the NFL and I strongly believe he needs to sit for a few weeks and take it all in and catch his breath. I discussed the situation in this post.

Kevin Hogan has come in a couple of times now, the first time was during the bizarre “migraine” incident of week 2 when the Browns played their division rival Ravens. I’m still not sure what that was all about as I’ve had migraines and they bloody hurt, mess up your vision and don’t go away as quickly as Kizers seemed to.

Hogan came into that game and put the only 10 points of the game for the Browns on the board. He did the same again this week against the Browns whilst instantly making the offence look far better.

Will Hogan start in week 6 against the Houston Texans? He should and from the way Hue Jackson was talking in one of his press meetings this week, he’s already decided to start Hogan. In my opinion, this is good as it gives Hogan a chance to start (which he’s earned) and Kizer a chance to catch his breath.

Had it not been for the poor kicking of rookie Zane Gonzalez and the two F-ups by the offence when close to the Jets goal line, this would have been a convincing win for the Browns. But as it is, we fans are going to have to endure watching such a young team that is going to continue to make those kinds of problems for themselves and probably beat themselves out of a few more victories this season.