Whilst I was having a look around the internet today, as you do, I decided to have a look at the Sainsbury’s TU clothing range again just to see what was going on with the NFL t-shirts they’d started stocking prior to the 2017 NFL London series of games. I was pleased to see that they were still stocking the ones for the teams who’ve played this year in the series but was even more pleased to see that they had added to their range.

This is good news for us NFL fans as it means they must have had good sales from the initial batch to make them decide to continue to add to their stock and, indeed, expand it.

I get the impression they’ve done their research as well (as you’d expect from such a massive company) as the new range is of the more popular teams over here in the UK. They’ve added another five t-shirts to the range with four of them being new teams. The fifth new t-shirt is for the Miami Dolphins as it would appear they no longer stock the original one. That reminds me, I have a brand new one of the original Miami Dolphins tees to give away if I can ever be bothered to.

The new teams that Sainsbury’s have added to their range of NFL t-shirts are; New England Patriots, Chicago Bears, Oakland Raiders and New York Giants – like I say, all well-supported teams over here in the UK and indeed Europe.

New York Giants t-shirt TU
Miami Dolphins t-shirt TU
New England Patriots t-shirt TU
Chicago Bears t-shirt TU
Oakland Raiders t-shirt TU

Up until the 30th October 2017, Sainsbury’s have a 25% off sale on their TU clothing items – they very often have these sales on their clothing so if there isn’t one on when you read this, I’m sure it won’t be long until there is. The normal price of this new range is £16 per item, which is slightly more expensive than the original NFL London 2017 series team t-shirts as they are now priced at £14 each. With the sale, though, the new range is £12 each and the 2017 series teams and the generic NFL designs are a mere £10.50 each.

When the first batch started being stocked, I went a bit overboard and bought quite a few of the different designs. I can say that the quality is good considering the price (remember, these are NFL branded so could easily be way more expensive and over-priced as per normal).

So, go and check them out for yourself. If they aren’t in your local Sainsbury’s (they are only in the larger and selected stores) then simply order online. I ordered some of mine online and selected my smaller local store to have them sent to for me to collect, it’s easy.

Looks like they’ll be adding three more to this collection by the end of the week. These look like they’ll be Green Bay Packers, San Francisco 49ers and Washington Redskins.

According to a member of one of the many NFL groups over on Facebook, Sainsbury’s will be releasing more teams tees in early December. This could include the Jets, Lions, Bengals, Steelers, Eagles, Falcons and Seahawks. They look like they will be expanding the range of items also by stocking hoodies and sweatshirts eventually. Time will tell but I for one am very pleased that they have had a good response to their dabble into stocking NFL merchandise and have decided to increase their range.